Formally: Shao know about the phone Mi Mix Alpha screen represents 180% of the device

Are referring to the screen ratio to the body to indicate the size of the screen compared to the size of the structure of the phone itself, so enjoy the iPhone 11 Pro by the screen to the body amounting to 82.1%, while the proportion of the screen of the Huawei Mate 30 pro 94.1% the Samsung said the taxi Note 10 by 91%.

Recently, the company revealed Shao Chinese on her smart phone Mi Mix Alpha screen representing the proportion of 180.6% of the device, so that adhere to the screen around the sides of the phone and stretches to the rear, the frame is the only one in the phone is the tape in the back side which houses the rear camera accurately 108+20+12 maps.

With that, I don’t mean more real is always better pictures. Meet Huawei P20 Pro Photo excellent camera accuracy, 40 maps, but Google Pixel 3 captures the image quality is similar, if not the best camera accuracy 12.2 maps, it seems that Shaw is trying to show its strength with this camera that can zoom up to 8x without much loss of detail.

Enjoy phone Mi Mix Alpha processor centre 855+ and the Ram to 12 gigabytes of RAM and internal storage of 512 gigabytes of type UFS 3.0 and battery capacity of 4050 mAh with a supporting Quick Charging strongly 40 watts.

This phone will come to market by a small number of women with the support to assess the 5G, but the price will be very high offers 2815 USD, equivalent 10550 didn SAR.

Summary specifications:

  • Screen, representing the proportion of 180.6% of the device
  • Processor centre 855+
  • The RAM 12 is
  • The memory 512 is
  • Camera background three strictly 108+20+12 maps
  • Battery 4050 mAh
  • Fast shipping 40 watts
  • System Android with interface MIUI 11

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