Formally: Shawty Mi 8 flagship in three different versions – specifications in detail!

Finally the company revealed a Shawty on the phone its flagship product the Shawty Mi 8, the external shape of the phone and the specs that have been leaked make it suitable for the iPhone, is the phone really worth all the hype?

The phone comes in three versions: the Mi-8 and Mi 8 Explorer and Mi 8 SE

Comes phone Shawty latest flagship, which was launched by the company on the second anniversary of its founding, in three different versions namely:

The first version of “normal” Shawty Mi 8.

Then Shawty Mi 8 Explorer, which is substantially similar to the Mi 8, but with a transparent background, the sensor fingerprint built-in front screen of the phone, and open the lock by flip 3D.

Finally, the version of the Mi 8 SE is a smaller version and cheaper with a display 5.88 inch and processor Snapdragon 710, compared to the screen of 6.21 inch and processor Snapdragon 845 in version of the Mi 8 and Mi 8 Explorer.

Specification Shawty Mi 8-core:

Come Mi 8 with Screen for Full HD plus the size of 6.21 inches. By length-to-width ratio of the width of 18.7:9, meaning a large proportion of the volume of the phone up to 88.5% of the screen to the body.

Run the Mi-8 by the Processor of the Snapdragon 845, in line with other Android phones leading to 2018. That processor supported RAM capacity 6 GB RAM and storage capacity up to 256 GB.

Come Mi 8 Explorer Edition is equipped with memory of 8 GB RAM and storage capacity of 128 GB .

At the rear, The phone comes with a camera background of the double sensor with 12-megapixel camera, featuring cameras with OIS, autofocus dual pixels, and come in the shape of my head with the AI.

The company announced the Xiaomi during the launch event that the Mi-8 got a score of 105 in rating DxOMark. The smartphone uses the technique of AI to viewer and apply the best settings, in addition to the photography “Studio Lightning”, inspired by Apple.

In the front, no front camera accurately 20 megapixel with f / 2.0 with the advantage of pixel binning to create the pixels of a hypothetical larger, in order to improve your photography.

Features style Mi 8 Global Positioning System the duo, which supports both my domain L1 and L5, which makes the phone features a high-precision navigation and places.

Specification Shawty Mi 8 Explorer basic:

Features version Mi 8 Explorer with similar specifications of the Mi 8, but it comes with additional features,, feature two different manufacturing method, and finally, Mi 8 Explorer comes back transparent glass, which is what we’ve seen before on HTC devices, including HTC U12 Plus new.

Tell Xiaomi that the Mi 8 Explorer is the first Android device features the possibility of open three-dimensional face, by using infrared light (the first ever device is the iPhone X ). The system is placed infrared lighting and cameras in the sheet “extrusion” of your phone.

Made Android phones other authentication-based infrared before, such as phone vivo X21. But Shao says that the version of the Mi 8 Explorer is the first to do it with the 3D, which adds more security.

Besides security, is the use of an infrared camera, three-dimensional work Animoji user, just as in the iPhone, you can record moving pictures small symbols expressive cling to your face.

The fun thing here is that the Mi 8 Explorer comes with a fingerprint scanner pressure sensitive, made in the phone screen, it is Technical that we’ve heard so much about in phones earlier, but we didn’t see. I view phones like the Vivo X21 and Huawei Mate RS devices and sensor of fingerprints of the fingers built-in screen before, but the version of Xiaomi’s pressure sensitive, which makes him respond more than any other phone.

Shawty Mi 8 SE :

Not placed Shaw on the shortcut SE, but it looks like she squeezed the Apple in reference to the thumbnail version of the primary phone.

Features phone Shawty Mi-8 SE screen display 5.88 inch AMOLED. With a processor Snapdragon 710 new partner Qualcomm for mid-range devices that was introduced last week, a Mi 8 SE is the first phone to come with that chip, which is supposed to offer improvement in battery consumption by 30% compared to the snares 660.

Price and availability:

Will start selling my phone Xiaomi Mi-8 and the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE in China starting on 5 and 8 June respectively.

Starting price device Mi 8 $ 2, 699 Yuan (about 421 USD) for the memory 6 RAM / 64 GB, the price of 2999 Yuan (about 468 dollars) for the 6 RAM / 128 GB, while the model R / 256 GB will look at the price of 3299 Yuan (about $ 515).

It will also be available to the highest version of the range XIAOMI Mi8 Explorer is priced at 3699 Yuan (about 577 dollars) later determined by the company after the.

As always, the prices will be International models Mi 8 and Mi 8 ES and Mi 8 Explorer a little higher than their prices in China, but we don’t have any details about this at the current time.

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