Formally: Shawty stresses developed foldable phone

After leaking a video of a former for folding the rumors suggest for Shawty developed, the company published the recent Chinese official statement confirming it on the site LetsGoDigital, where it was described several details about the phone and the ongoing work on the development and design of, add to the challenges that are faced in respect of the flexible screen and the mechanism of folding, in addition to the interface of MIUI with the phone in the fold.

Referred Shawty in a statement that its work with one of its suppliers on the development of flexible screen needed to manufacture the phone, where the company aims to be the first to end a phone retractable double, which is confirmed by previous leaks that drain the site LetsGoDigital upon in making Pictures Imagine of the phone in full, while the company announced it rub in put the phone on behalf of the Shawnee Dual Flex أوMIX Flex, or a different last name.

This comes phone Shawty with two-part adjustable folding back to the phone, and deal with it to display the screen on the phenomenon in the front with only the dialogue is very simple, without clarifying the place you will receive the camera front or rear.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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