Former Apple employee talked about the difficulties of working with Steve jobs

For anybody not a secret that the founder of Apple, Steve jobs was a real visionary and a visionary. Thanks to his efforts, the world saw such revolutionary products as iPhone, iPad, Mac. However, the former Apple CEO is also known for his temper. The tasks he set before the employees of the company, were sometimes impossible. And many of the ideas which were offered to the founder — almost always subjected to harsh criticism. One of the former Apple employees decided to tell more about the experience of the founder of Apple.

Ken Contienda, widely known for having participated in many key projects Apple. The officer put his hand in the creation of the touch keyboard for the first iPhone, the long time worked on improving the mobile operating system iOS. In August of this year Ken has published a book called Creative Selection, which detail reveals the process of designing and testing new hardware and software products Corporation. We suggest that you read one passage from this book:

Once I showed my project personally to Steve jobs. At the time I worked on the fonts for the new Retina screen. Here’s how it went:

Imagine that come the deadline of your larger project. You need to make a presentation in front of the founder of Apple. But the most terrible is not it — and then, what do you say Steve. In my case, the project was described as “dog shit”.

As it was necessary to respond to it? It was quite obvious that to accept it would mean that I give him a mediocre project. Arguing with him would be wrong, given that he was the head of Apple. I decided not to join the conflict.

Even though I have prepared eight different variations, each of them had their drawbacks. Steve pointed me to them. He was not willing to compromise, and I knew it. Soon we found a font that is looked at on the high resolution screen. Jobs has endorsed the project.

At first glance it may seem that Steve jobs treated his employees very well, allowing himself to harsh statements, which could be perceived as personal insults. However, I believe that it is not. Steve was not difficult to reject the project if he didn’t feel his potential. If it is not like he explicitly say it. Maybe this is the key to success?

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