Former director of the adoption application in the Apple reveals the mysteries of the company’s cooperation with competitors

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Occur former director of the approval or adoption of the app on Apple TV systems, Philip shoemaker, for the first time about his journey with the company which ran between 2009 and 2016, comes this talk is in conjunction with the face of corporate issues related to the needs and preference of its application to other services especially from Spotify.

Revealed shoemaker in an interview with the site of Bloomberg that Apple was always afraid of the effect of the application of the competition from companies like Google and Facebook for its main applications in iOS, especially in the area of messaging applications and communication, which is why it does not allow for the development of any of the applications the competition as the default option on phones.

And the Shoemaker said: “This was real, I mean the fear that comes is someone (the user) with the presence of Facebook and Google it can be or more than the application of our home.” He completed: “once the applications use the other site to think about it like the Google Now.” Which application help voice she was afraid of Apple’s rival to Siri.

The first years of the adoption of apps in the software store was not clear, even at that time, it was adopted the application of Baby Shaking and the company has accepted a lot of criticism landed its shares sharply which made Steve Jobs relates some dressing-down because of the adoption of the application.

The director explained previous in the Apple Car and Apple are always geared up to deal sharply with the services of the competition for their services Main, which is what makes companies like Spotify and Netflix are available meet her.

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