Former SpaceX engineer creates a cryptocurrency exchange

A former engineer of the company SpaceX announced that his new company LXDX will launch a public cryptocurrency exchange. Before Joshua Greenwald dealt with issues of automation and propulsion systems in the company Ilona Mask, but have since turned their attention to the cryptocurrency trading institutional level.

Although Greenwald is working with institutional investors, now he wants to get into the mainstream consumer market.

“Now we are focused on cryptocurrencies and to give each investor the opportunity to use exclusive tools, like an intelligent order management, which they previously had access,” quoted a former engineer Leaprate.

To open the way for investors

LXDX received support from various investors in August, the chief of which was the Dymon Asia Venture Capital Fund, and then confirmed the move to Malta last week. Earlier this year Malta also moved the largest exchange Binance.

The announcement came amid growing interest from institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market. According to rumors, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley will begin to offer access to Bitcoin.

“Cryptocurrency is a very new asset class,” said Greenwald.

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