Former Tesla engineer: I was fired for security concerns

Just two months ago, Tesla filed a lawsuit against a former employee named Martin Tripp. In accordance with the claim and remarks by Elon musk, Tripp tried to sabotage the production line Model 3 and even wanted to abscond with proprietary data companies. Meanwhile, Tripp sees itself as a kind of creates covers and claims that Tesla uses questionable tactics to increase production of the Model 3. Moreover, Tripp boldly claims that Tesla has shipped a defective battery and that Model 3, therefore, presents a danger on the road.

Now, Business Insider reported, citing the words of another former Tesla engineer, new claims against the manufacturer of electric vehicles. A former employee of Tesla Cristina Balan explained that Tesla is trying to fire employees for complaints regarding waste, quality control, and even security issues. Moreover, the story of Balan implies that she was expelled from the company because she tried to get Tesla’s attention to the problems.

Tesla hides their problems?

Itself Balan is not working in a Tesla for more than four years, which certainly puts the matter in doubt. In spite of that, Balan recalls how she and other members of her team carried out concerns about deficiencies in the design that have not received adequate attention.

For example, her concerns about the so-called “rat hole” — the hole that she found in the roof structure, which separates the roof from the rest of the Model S — was met with fierce resistance from her managers.

Ultimately, she says, Tesla scored a piece of foam the hole in the car cost $ 100,000. “Fixed” it. And while this improvised solution did not represent security problems, Balan said that in some cars the noise came later complained customers.

Sometimes the former Tesla engineer had even secretly record conversations with colleagues. I wonder whether the scandal?

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