Fortnite Apple removed from the App Store, the developer sued. What’s wrong with this story

On 13 August the company Epic Games, the developer of the popular game Fortnite, added the possibility of paying in-game purchases to bypass the App Store and Google Play. It is possible to reduce the cost of game currency for buyers: for example, 1000 V-bucks when you purchase via Epic Games directly would cost 8 dollars, and if to make a deal using the App Store or Google Play, to pay for 10 dollars. Beautiful course. In the Apple and Google expected it is not appreciated and soon in the same day, removed the popular game from their app stores. Just half an hour of Epic Games announced that is suing Apple, as the company is “not competitive” — and the developer released the final version of the statement of claim.

Who here is really the victim?

Where did Fortnite from the App Store

Apparently, Epic Games are deliberately staged a provocation with the addition of in-app purchases directly. The developer knew that Apple’s rules for all are equal (there are exceptions, but they will talk about below), and once the fact of infringement will reveal, the game has been removed from the App Store. Well, this broad statement of claim in 30 minutes is clearly not ready, there must be at least a few days to work an army of lawyers.

In addition, soon after the Creator of Fortnite released the movie Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite — a parody video of Apple’s “1984” and began to pump the hashtag #FreeFortnite, calling to maintain themselves in the war against Apple.

Just a few hours, the hashtag blew up the tops of Twitter, which is to be expected.

Hashtag broke into the top around the world

To understand what are the claims of Epic Games for Apple, it is not necessary to read a multi-page claim. The developer has already stated their demands — either Apple and Google reduce the fee in the App Store and Google Play from 30% to 10% (only for Fortnite), or the suit goes through. The company claims that its Apple’s actions violates not only the antitrust laws, but the rights of peoplewho are essentially forced to pay this a Commission of 30%. In addition, users have no choice, since on iOS there is only one app store — App Store. On Android it’s easier, there are alternative App stores like Gallery from Huawei and others.

If you make a purchase directly through Epic Games, it is cheaper

But why is the Commission paid users?

What Fortnite accuses Apple

Good question. The developers of this really common practice: for example, you can purchase a subscription to Premium YouTube on the YouTube website and pay 199 roubles, or place it in the app on iOS via the App Store — already over 249 rubles. Even Google doesn’t want to pay Apple a Commission and just lays this burden on its users. Yes, in theory Google could do the same price for a subscription through the app as on the website (199 rubles) and just take a Commission for themselves. As Apple has done with VAT in the App Store in Russia, for example.

But the extra profit does not happen, and even in such scales share no one wants. Epic Games is also not distressed developer: in 2019 Fortnite brought him $ 1.8 billion. A lot? Still. It’s just on 600 million less (25%) than a year earlier. Fortnite still has a huge player base that exceeds 200 million people, but is losing money. Although profits, Epic Games will still be envied by any app developer in the App Store.

Epic Games doesn’t want to take on the payment of a fee, and the company transfers it to the user. And then, excuse me, starts to whine and say what a bad Apple, forcing users to pay more.

As an example, Epic Games brings the payment system — say, they have a lower Commission. Someone out there likes to compare the incomparable?

Apple gave Epic Games platform for the development of the iOS version of Fortnite, an extra source of users and profits. As recalled in the company, the developer has uploaded their apps in the App Store for over a decade and received the benefits from the Apple ecosystem. It’s not just words; the Apple turned out to be a unique tool, which she shared with the others, taking his Commission. No App Store, many developers just won’t be able to make money. There would be other app stores, you say? Possible. But where are they?

For me, it looks like this: the vendor of sweets (Fortnite) on-site Disneyland (App Store) was selling his candy and got the money, and then, when profits began to fall, we decided that the amusement Park really bad monopoly, just takes a Commission for providing the infrastructure and ready the visitor traffic.

My opinion on this issue you can post in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

Parody of “1984” also looks ridiculous. It is clear that most of the players Fortnite don’t even remember what was the meaning of this advertising, but then Apple didn’t just oppose the IBM industry, and showed a new product at the judge changed the future of computers. And Fortnite, even mega and really cool to realize the game is not so unique. Will always be “another Fortnight” games usually have cyclical popularity is not more than 10 years. Once the most popular game was Counter Strike, and many also thought that it will last long.

Profit Fortnite from mobile devices per month

What I don’t agree with the Apple and stand on the side of Epic Games, is the fact that the company has exceptions to the rule. For example, Netflix and Spotify have apps in the App Store, where users can’t subscribe, they need to have an existing account that previously issued on the websites of the respective services. When someone makes concessions, it inevitably causes frustration for others. And now Epic Games is using that to blame her in this is possible, but hardly feasible.

The developer clearly waited for the right time — Apple recently said about the App Store monopoly and the high Commission before the U.S. Congress (where, however, little versed in modern technology and still confuse Twitter with Facebook). Although the company is not fully recognized guilty, it’s a start. So stocking up on popcorn and waiting for developments. Either Apple “give back” will return Fortnite and will reduce the fee, or it should be an interesting trial. Do you think Apple did the right thing Fortnite removed from the App Store? Take the poll below — we’ll see how many of us like-minded people.

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