Fortnite beta for Android was a Scam

An unknown group of scammers using popular game Fortnite, undertook the spread of a malicious APK file for Android under the guise of an early version of the title. Criminals even launched the site on the new domain games and applications from Google — FortniteAndroid.App.

On the website the scammers offered to fans to download a test version of Fortnite and manually install it to your device running Android. Needless to say that the implementation of the instructions given to you by hackers, not open to users early access to the game.

We did not dare to install APK file on their devices, and therefore can’t say for sure what will happen to the victim who still do it. With high probability we can assume that the “best” case, you will crawl everywhere banner advertising, and at worst — the loss of all their data.

The developers of the original game from Epic Games, in turn, did not run the pre-testing Fortnite. According to official data, its release is for devices based on the Android operating system will take place no later than the summer of 2018. Until then, fans of the title will have to wait.

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