Fortnite for Android may never come out in Google Play

Fortnite Mobile for Android may never come to Google Play. It follows from the content of the program code of the website of the Studio Epic Games, the developer of the cult game. Earlier on the same site managed to find mention of the smartphones that will be compatible with Fortnite at the time of its official release.

That Fortnite Mobile will not be distributed through official app catalog for Android that indicate instructions for installing the game to bypass the Google Play. According to Epic Games, users who wish to use Fortnite Mobile on your device, you will need to enable “Unknown sources”.

How to download Fortnite on Android

The only reason Epic Games may not want publications Fortnite Mobile on Google Play, is the necessity to pay the Commission fee that Google will charge developers for each app. This fee varies depending on type, but typically is at least 20% of the cost.

When Fortnite will be released for Android

Output Fortnite Mobile will take place this summer, but will initially be exclusive available only to owners of Galaxy Note 9, which is scheduled for release on 9 may. Limiting the availability of the game at first, the developers expect to increase its attractiveness in the eyes of the user and at the same time attract buyers of the new Samsung phablet.

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