fortnite model is not supported for the success of an overwhelming

It was these last few months months, a noisy game Fortnite has been promoted greatly global, is already a wonderful game and the idea of enthusiastic and personally made me go back to the world of games is my addiction, after a long break, but this opinion wasn’t enough to be the reason in achieving all that success what’s the secret behind that success?

Survival of the fittest.

The idea of the game is to put 100 each team has 4 players over the network in a huge map, and each team collect weapons, and resources and cooperation to stay as a team to win, it wasn’t an idea unique to 100% we have seen a lot of games that are already free of this idea, but what is the advantage of free on the other is the player’s experience is unique there was no game submitted this idea to the network provided by the forest in terms of development to gather resources or construction planning and a spirit of cooperation the panel has the most experience.

Fortnite game free

The game that strong and is not supported in consoles Playstaion and Xbox, of course we saw a lot of games in clashes Playstion Plus and Xbox gold but it is often been so much on the release of the games included in those requirements or it’s the general light nature 4 people, all of which charge a percentage of those contributions, but the game Fortnite has sought to provide the game and this led to its deployment on a large scale, The company, Epic is the developer of the game application of the philosophy we do not see much in the world of console is to provide the product for free and that leads to spread wider and then profit through procurement processes within the organization, usually see that the console sells the same product as a game like Uncharted or buy a house and provide extra features to buy. such as Fifa and Rocket league.

He looked to Gartner Research group and the sea was devoted to the development of smart phones to purchases paid apps dropped in 2016 significantly compared to operations download for free accessories, pointed the search to the user spends a lot more money by 24% on additional services to community relations, because he be sure she will achieve additional value.

You might be searching different domain and different criteria in the measurement, but gives us a model about the user behavior in the process of purchasing additional services, this model is what has been applied in this game, where the game provided free of charge availability buy clothes inside the game.

Company Epic wants everyone to experience

Company Epic the developer of the game H hard to facilitate the process of getting the game and experience said develop size is very small compared to other games 8GB using a cardboard model simple, and did not write it, but made it Non-necessary to the need of contributions like Playstion Plus and Xbox Gold to experience the game, but via an internal network through which to register and play, the company has tried to connect all devices to the console to play with but refused to Sony it, and finally, the company has developed the game on mobile devices experience similar to the ones on the center console several advantage of talk began on the system iOS, The company has strived hard to make the experience of the game and enjoy it easy.


I got the game Fortnite on the 45 billion download from the beginning of the release of the game until January of this year to 2018 and 2 million active players daily and topped her version on the iOS installers in 13 States and received returns of $ 124 million in the month of February just this year.

Model Fortnite Model NEW in the world of devices, the console might be involved in PC devices but the transfer of it hardware console was a successful experience to buy Epic does, you see, we’ll see a similar model offers a simple game cost to develop is not a huge focus on the experience of one player in the field? Share us what you think in the comments.



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