Fortnite removed from the App Store and Google Play. Where to download the game and what will

What game today is the primary for children, adolescents and adults and accomplished people? Not World of Warcraft, DotA 2 and even GTA 5, and Fortnite. Cut into it all in General regardless of platform. Epic Games has managed to create is so fascinating game that became an overnight cult and turned into a new eSports discipline. But this success became a reason to the Studio started to show its character, demanding their very special relationship both from Googleand from Apple.

Fortnite can now download only the APK file

Developer Fortnite revealed the secret Android

Despite the fact that Epic Games at the time, refused to place Fortnite in Google Play, not to pay Google a Commission on the transaction, to do so with the App Store, the Studio could not. In the end, on Android you can install any app even bypass the official catalogue and on iOS anymore. Why to spoil relations with Apple in Epic Games was not solved. Until yesterday, when the Studio decided to provoke the company and gave the game its own system of payment.

Fortnite removed from the App Store

Read the appeal of Epic Games to the users, it’s really epic

Of course, Apple didn’t like it, and she immediately removed Fortinte from the App Store. But Epic Games, and because at exactly the same time the Studio sued the company to court, demanding to reduce the size of the Commission. Obviously, this was the real provocation, because the preparation of the claim requires examination of all circumstances of the case, but the lawyers from Epic Games knew that would happen. But no one could not imagine the true scale of the provocation. In fact, as became clear this morning, Epic Games has lured into his game and Google, prompting her to remove Fortnite from Google Play.

Wait: Fortnite is now available in Google Play

The icing on the cake was the e-mail distribution to users from Epic Games to alert them of the opportunity to get a discount on in-app purchases:

Megabridge Fortnite act! Starting today you can get 20% discount on purchases In dollars or other goods for real money in Fortnite on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC and Mac, and on mobile devices when using priority methods of payment. This is not the action. This is the new lower prices that always available.

Where to download Fortnite for Android

Obviously, fans of Fortnite will be dissatisfied with the lack of discounts and lack of opportunity to download your favorite game from the App Store and Google Play

Rhetoric appeals could not be better indicates the provocative Epic Games started a campaign on the development of a conflict situation. Studio purposefully writes that discounting is not a temporary phenomenon, and the new practice to be applied everywhere. All you’d have to pay for in-app purchase of Epic Games directly, bypassing the instruments of payment the App Store and Google Play. But why was this done if in the Studio must have known that Fortnite is still everywhere removed? Of course, to provoke users.

If you want to download Fortnite on Android, the easiest way is to download the installation file from the official website of Epic Games. There you will find guaranteed to be safe file.

Now Fortnite fans around the world know it’s Apple and Google has deprived them of the ability to buy in-game currency at a discount, the discount taking part in your pocket. The reaction from them? It’s anger, anger, resentment, but clearly not happiness. Another thing that iOS users have virtually no way to install Fortnite to bypass the App Store (actually there is a way, but it is even more confusing than installing APK on Android) but on Android it is possible using the APK file or third party app stores.

This time. In Fortnite will show a new film

Where all this will lead? In my opinion, the compulsory redistribution rules publishing software in mobile app stores. After all, the current commissions are suffering and developers who receive less profit, and users who are forced to spend on in-app purchases and app more money than they would if the fee were lower. So even if it doesn’t seem very fair to Apple and Google, they will likely be obliged to change the size of the collection.

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