Fossil announces the hours by Sport Smartwatch processor Snapdragon 3100

Fossil تعلن عن ساعتها Sport Smartwatch بمعالج سنابدراجون 3100

The company announced the Fossil on her Watch Sport Smartwatch that comes in two sizes 43 mm and 41 mm and the lineup consists of six different colors to suit each gender interested to coordinate colors between the dress and the purposes attached, the watch is available in black, gray, red, pink as well as blue and green.

The previous processor Snapdragon 3100 new system running Wear OS and sensor heartbeat being will apartments Sports also, in addition to support it to connect to NFC and GPS, the company promised that its battery capacity 350 Milli-amp able to stay throughout the whole day, as for the incision preloaded apps on the scene opening with the former on both Spotify and Noonlight and applications emergency services.

Look Sport Smartwatch does not have properties different from the other smart watches but the difference is they w h a system Wear OS supports the processor die of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 after the Mont Blanc Summit 2, which will enable its status for the energy consumption due to the efficiency of the processor, the price of the previous 255$ currently available via the website and the retailer’s own network.

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