Fossil Sport smart watch Android for your iPhone (and not only)

Fossil, the company known to any who shows interest in smart watches, despite the fact that many devices it releases under other fashion brands. However, after the release of Wear 3100 processor from Snapdragon, the company introduced a new smart watch under its own name – a device called Fossil Sport. Frankly, I am skeptical about pair iPhone with other hours, in addition to the Apple Watch, but here was really intrigued: is and built-in GPS and heart rate sensor, and NFC payments. It was therefore decided to give them a chance.

Fossil Sport – another replacement of the Apple Watch?

A small note - until recently, almost all the smart watches on the market (well, except for the Apple Watch) worked on the basis of the Snapdragon Wear 2100, which had a lot of issues - from performance management to Autonomous operation. Wear 3100 should drastically change the situation.

And a few words of thanks. Device for testing have been provided to us store - Russia's largest clock dealer. The company has a good expertise in the industry, so you always have access to latest trends and up to date selection of hits. So we have our model fairly quickly.

The contents

Appearance Fossil Sport

Drop the talk about equipment, although it should be noted, Packed watch cool, that you can safely and birthday and the upcoming holidays to give (if you know what I mean). Included with the watch is branded charging cable with two low-profile connectors, so that in fact when the watch is charging, they are powered wirelessly — almost like the Apple Watch.

This box is not ashamed to give

Fossil Sport and Apple Watch Series 4

But outwardly Fossil Sport very different: round case, three control buttons on the right, the traditional design of the strap, so if you look at this watch from far away, it is possible to take them for a conventional manual. Me, as a great connoisseur of the “mechanics”, this approach appeals to someone can call it a disadvantage. In any case, they look stylish and sporty. Perhaps, the only similarity with the Apple Watch the watch is available in two versions (41 and 43 mm), the device sat comfortably on any wrist. But the color of the solutions is much more: there are red and light blue, and gold — we here in the editorial was the pink version which direct created for women’s hands.

Fossil Sport smart watch Android

The manufacturer decided not to restrict the model to a specific band, therefore, it is possible to choose, for example, a blue watch with white strap, or red with gray. But collaboration and monochrome looks great — take the same pink with pink.

All color options Fossil Sport

The watch was very light. In our test turned out to be a model with a display 41 mm, and frankly, it weighs less than my Apple Watch Series 4 with a screen of 40 mm. How? All about the double material: the upper part of the Fossil Sport is made of aluminum, while the bottom is made of silicone. And this despite the fact that this watch is thicker (12 mm), but due to good design and mix of materials, the device seems very compact.

The upper part of the Fossil Sport is made of aluminum, and the lower silicon

Silicone and pleasant to the touch

Another plus silicone back cover does not irritate the skin, not the cold, prevents slipping in the event you sweat at the wrist (case is also protected against water and dust). This is definitely an important advantage hours, which is primarily designed for the sport. However, I saw the other color options, and I think black will look good with casual clothes (even a suit, but certainly not Black tie).

Depending on the colors you can choose the hours under clothing

Pairing with your iPhone and control

I waited a long “dancing”, but surprisingly, the pairing with an iPhone took about 5 minutes — it was enough to download the app Wear OS, enable the clock and select them in the application menu.

Then the device started to sync with Google account, asked a couple of permits can be used.

Watch paired with an iPhone for a few minutes

Assistant Google sometimes helps

In hours already comes with many dials, and almost each can be customized, from color schemes to different information: for example, can be displayed on the home screen, heart rate, step counter, weather, Google Pay and other functions. Individual attention-dials with integrated Google Fit, for what the developers separate thanks. For hours this is a real must have, since it is possible not only to monitor their progress during the day, but also to monitor health indicators during sports.

The control clock is how to use the touch screen and the buttons on the side. The extreme top and bottom are the categories and launching a particular type of exercise, respectively; the medium acts as a “digital crown”, that is, both the button menu and the button “OK”, she is responsible for turning on/off the device.

The “digital crown” here too

Interface Wear OS appeared to me intuitively clear. Enough to learn the swipe left/right and up/down to comfortably use for hours. So, swiping up causes the notifications to the left opens Google Fit, to the right and causes the assistant to Google. And if you hold down, you can access the power saving mode, the function “do Not disturb” and other features.

A swipe down brings up additional menu asiaregion, Google Pay and other

The display is made on technology AMOLED and has a diagonal of 1.2 inches. It is very high quality, pleasing brightness and contrast, so if you fall under the scorching sun, problems with the perception of information will not occur. Colors juicy and rich, plus 390 ppi makes itself known — this figure is not all smartphones will meet, not to mention hours.

The display is made on technology AMOLED and has a diagonal of 1.2 inches

Fossil Sport Performance

During use I have not noticed any lag and the brakes — often these watches perform some tasks faster than the Apple Watch with their watchOS. It is seen that Snapdragon 3100 Wear much more productive predecessor: remember how I used to Wear smart watch OS a year ago, and then the device does not immediately respond to a tap, and launch the application had to wait for a few seconds.

The watch can read the pulse every 20 minutes

In addition to the powerful processor, Fossil Sport have 4 GB of memory — enough to store music directly on the watch. That is, you can load your favourite tracks to connect wireless headphones to go on the treadmill, leaving the phone in the locker room.

Assistant Google for me, person of the Apple ecosystem, thing is strange, but it turned out to be really useful due to the sync with the Apple calendar, which I use by default on the iPhone. Wife also appreciated the benefits assistant in hours, which is often more functional Siri. As for notifications, they “go” no problem, enough at initial setup to allow access from iPhone.

Delivery notifications there are no problems

Fossil Sport and other smart watches you can find in the store Alltime

Watch for sports

Despite the fact that the developers have not provided a separate fitness app, sports functions are missing. Google Fit is perfect for training, using the GPS built into the watch, you can monitor the duration of Jogging. The same applies to the heartbeat sensor, by default the clock every 20 minutes checking for a pulse. Yes, this affects battery consumption, but during training it is very important that the heart rate does not exceed the maximum value allowed.

Sports watch — a pleasure

Supported Google Pay, Apple Pay, of course, there is no

By the way, of the autonomy — here, Fossil Sport are the same as the Apple Watch. The watch can work day without recharging if you use them normally; if you use rest, you can increase this time up to two days. Wife picked this watch for the weekend, Saturday was disconnected from the outlet with 100%, and on Sunday evening the device is “asked” exercises.

Fossil Sport or Apple Watch?

Didn’t think the clock on the Wear OS so cool to work with an iPhone

In fact, the question is purely individual. If you need a watch for sports, it may make sense to pay attention to the device from Fossil. Especially if you have not only the iPhone, but a smartphone on Android with it the watch will work even better. Price Fossil Sport roughly the cost of the Apple Watch Series 3, but hours from Apple for two years, but it’s still a new product. I’m not ready to change his clocks gadget from Wear OS, but the wife is interested in change my Series 1 for the sake of something new. Still watch on Android has taken a significant step forward, and the fact that they look like a classic timepiece, many captivating. I would advise you to try on these watches and see them live — it can be done, for example, in the shop Alltime.

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