FOUAD WHATSAPP V7.96 a new upgraded version against the ban


One of the versions of the application communicate famous WhatsApp version developer Fouad as its name download with this release many improvements and additions to and development of the GUI for the application, the most prominent of those updates is about discovering servers the official app for the amendments attached to the version being informal, which keeps its WhatsApp directly ban the numbers that used to like this apps.

Women are against the ban of the report improved from the previous grant to explore the application and its amendments to keep the user safe from the deprivation of the use the services of WhatsApp.
In each case we always say that these applications and handle math at that back to the user’s own responsibility.

The advantages of ver FOUAD WHATSAPP all publications

  • Download the story of any person.
  • Masking the appearance of the last photos of the blue and you saw the story, anyone, and able in particular.
  • Store special The Of contains more than 1250 Theo Başkale times beautiful.
  • The possibility of change VSAT to emojis. Facebook or Twitter or other.
  • Placing a lock protection on the application of the bar or on the conversation itself.
  • The possibility to send any type of file (zip, rar, apk, exe, etc..)
  • The possibility of sending 100 pictures at once and the option allows you to send images with high accuracy
  • The possibility of sending a jQuery number not saved you have the lists of names.

Record the variables on the new version WHATSAPP V7.96

  • Update the structure of the application to the kernel version number official 2.19.150
  • Version against the ban cannot be discovered by the servers answer, in your number was blocked , delete the version WhatsApp current then re-install version 7.96 and definition of your phone number.
  • Convert videos to clips lengthwise permitted to sleep easily on the bus and the buyer.
  • Added symbols missing from the style anymore old.
  • Activate the option to ignore the messages of the talks archived ( Settings – Notifications ).
  • The activation treatment of the distinction of letters that are frequently transformed (5 times more ).
  • You can find out how many times you load the message that identify the message and light on information.
  • Improvements in the management of the application and quickly start it.
  • Return the time allowed by her to delete messages to to become 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Download the version and install a substitute for the official version com.whatsapp


To download a copy special to install it alongside the official version with the telephone number of another com.gbwhatsapp



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