Found a drug to kill the cancer without harm to the body

The cancer includes that logical, the destruction of cancer cells, but modern methods of treatment like chemotherapy have negative effects on healthy cells, killing them. Moreover, these tumors often become resistant to the action of drugs, and patients suffer from side effects due to high doses of toxic drugs used in the treatment. How can I solve this problem? Scientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, it seems, found a way.

To kill cancer cells and keep healthy — quite a challenge

How to beat cancer without side effects

High-dose anticancer drugs can cause two main types of reactions: progressive resistance to the drugs as “addiction” of tumors to a dose of a substance and the development of undesired side effects in healthy cells of the patient that leads to their death. How, then, can fight cancer without harming the patient?

The main goal is to reduce the doses of medicines, so we can avoid the development of resistance, explains Patricia Novak of Sliwinska, Professor, University of Geneva. That’s why we create new combinations that include multiple drugs in low doses.

The experts analyzed about 200 combinations of anticancer drugs in an attempt to reduce the dose. They used a new method in order to test all possible combinations of drugs on cancer cells and healthy cells at the same time.

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The researchers found a very promising mixture of four components, which received the working title C2. It is able to kill tumor cells, leaving healthy cells intact. Data extensive work was recently published on the University website. If you are interested in this kind of research and discoveries, follow us on Telegram, in order not to miss the most important.

We focused on ten of the popular substances used to combat cancer by creating on their basis about 200 possible combinations. For this, we used a unique method of pre-testing. Thus, we were able to exclude from further study the combinations that did not match the results that we wanted in the end. Received C2 consists of four drugs — tomazin, CI-994, erlotinib and dasatinib. During our tests, we found that C2 kills about 20 times more cancer cellsthan other combinations, while preserving healthy cells. says another author Patrick Meraldi, Professor, Department of cell physiology and metabolism, medical faculty, University of Geneva.

The peculiarity of C2 is that it targets the centrosome. In simple terms, each healthy cell has two centrosome, the organelles that allow it to share in two parts, “pulling” one half of the cell relative to another. With regard to cancer cells, they have more of the centrosome, which pull the cell in three or four directions during its division that leads to death. But to prevent this, the cancer cells group of the centrosome from two opposite sides.

Anticancer drug “divorced” the centrosome (marked in red) on different sides of a cancer cell

C2 blocks the grouping of the centrosome that causes them to randomly dispersed around the cage and rip her from the inside. Scientists also point out that at the moment the market is a drug that works this way — paclitaxel. But the treatment requires high doses of drugs that cause numerous side-effects in patients. Therefore, the creation of a new drug can be a real discovery, which have been waiting for quite some time.

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