Found a fun use Face ID

In 2017, Apple introduced iPhone X, which received an advanced 3D face scanner Face ID. It is responsible for the sensors TrueDepth that reads depth and facial features. But as it turned out, facial recognition is not the only application scenario of Face ID. The other day the App store was an unusual app that allows you to create music with… gestures.

The new app has received the name of the AirSynth. The program works with iPhone X to XS and XR, as well as the iPad Pro, the latest generation.

The app itself works on a very simple principle. Manage the integrated synthesizers carried out through the zoom in and out of his hands. This task is entrusted to the TrueDepth sensors that read gestures from a distance — thus, the user literally can “control the pitch of the sound” in real time.

The result of their work, the developer showed in the video.

According to the developer, the app is able to detect movement even in the dark. However, the application does not provide a function of recording or sound processing — so to use the program is only as a reference. By the way, the app — 149 rubles. Is it worth it, only you can decide.

Earlier in the App Store were already similar solutions from other developers. However, AirSynth is the first music application which fully utilizes 3D capabilities of the camera. The sound and all the nuances are transferred very accurately thanks to the infrared projector points.

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Name: AirSynth
Price: 149 roubles
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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