Found a new Trojan for Android, which copies Google Play

It is considered that one of the surest ways to protect your Android smartphone against malicious software, was and remains the Google Play. Despite the abundance of advice on protection against Trojans and worms, which is full of the Internet, almost all of them recommend to download games and apps only from the official Google. Supposedly this helps if not eliminate completely, or at least minimize the chance of infecting your device crimeware. But what if he turns the Google Play?

As reported by researchers at Cisco, the Network has gained popularity GPlayed Trojan, which is able to mimic the Google Play client, thus hiding from exposure. Getting on the device, the malware establishes a connection with the server and initiates the download of additional components to enable its operation. Due to these components GPlayed even able to compile the new code .NET and to initiate its execution, which makes it quite an advanced solution.

How to distinguish the fake ON

According to the Cisco researchers, despite the apparent similarities GPlayed and Google Play, the Trojan is not 100% resembles the design of the icon catalog. This means that in the first place GPlayed dangerous for novice users who, because of their ignorance, are often unable to distinguish a fake from the real, and therefore risk inadvertently give the go-ahead to conduct Trojan malicious activities.

The basic functionality GPlayed is to collect information about the user sessions of interaction with the device, changing locations and storing the data stored in the memory. Since the Trojan is still in beta stage, not all of its functions, the mention of which is contained in the code may not work properly. However, when the developers will release a stable version, we can expect large-scale epidemics.

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