Found a new way to hacking Android smartphone using NFC

The module of the near field, which today is equipped with most modern smartphones running Android, can be used for remote hacking. About this at the conference said the researcher in the field of information security company Checkmarx Pedro Umbelino. They discovered a method that allows to transmit wirelessly the usernames and passwords of accounts from one smartphone to another, provided his stay in range of technology Near-field communication.

According to Umbelino, empirically he found that the range of operation of the NFC module in specific use cases may exceed the stated manufacturers of smartphones 7-10 cm This means that the attacker can initiate seizure of the data even on devices with disabled Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth or GSM, at a considerable distance (up to several tens of meters) from their victim, and subject to a number of conventions remain absolutely unnoticed.

How to hack a smartphone through NFC

However, Umbelino method to work, the attacker must first install on your smartphone the victim of malicious component, which will turn it into a transmitter. It was he, thanks to the so-called amplitude manipulation, called on-off keying, will transfer data at a rate of 10-12 bits/sec. For optimal signal, it is necessary that the distance between the transmitter and receiver does not exceed 10 meters. Otherwise, the transfer process, errors can occur, which, to the delight of hackers and unfortunately their victims are correctible after the fact.

The main difficulty in the procedure of hacking by his own statement, Umbelino, is the installation of malicious component on the device of the victim. However, the researcher States, given the abundance of ways fraud software, to provoke a person to download the file is not an impossible condition, which will pay off handsomely when infected the corporate network with a device.

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