Found a safe alternative to chemotherapy

Despite the presence of quite a large number of developments in the field of cancer treatment, many of them have side effects that negatively affect the organism as a whole. So do not stop searching for such treatments that would not harm healthy cells, destroying the affected. And recently this method has been found, and the mechanism of treatment is aimed at activation of genes that help the body naturally fight tumors of any size, stage and localization.

It is known that cancerous cells arise as a result of the “failure” of division processes and the hypothesis that cancer can be cured due to the increased production of suppressor genes to suppress cell division, there were for a long time. But only recently a group of researchers from Harvard University headed by Professor Bruce Cetera was able not only to find confirmation of this theory, but also to develop the first of its kind experimental drug.

“The essence of our method is to stabilize the growth of tumor cells. That is, simply put, we return them to their normal state. In that moment, when they have not yet turned into a tumor. We think that the new approach can be a standalone treatment or complement existing methods.”

Genetic therapy in treating oncologic processes is far from new, but it violates both the work of the tumor and immune system cells, which also fight the tumor. However, according to the test results, the impact on the gene-tumor suppressor PTEN allows you to not only stop the growth of tumor, but to do so without “subsidiary” means like chemotherapy. A series of preclinical tests proved that by using polarized “launcher” nanoparticles, bringing them into cancer cells, activate products-suppressor gene PTEN, suppressing tumor growth. Now scientists are in search of ways to activate other suppressor genes, primarily the gene p53, regulates cell cycle development and plays a critical role in suppressing the neoplastic process.

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