Found a unique fish that can go from the water

In the U.S. state of Georgia in the private pond was discovered a species of fishthat can survive up to four days on land, while at the same time without the usual for their type of source water. We are talking about dangerous and predatory fish — the North Seagrove, which has an insatiable hunger and, thus, able to disrupt the ecological balance in ponds, streams and rivers. In addition, fish have a good survival rate and fecundity, thereby increasing the complexity of the extermination of this species of fish from water bodies of North America.

The Northern snakehead has been called “Frankenfish”, because it has a high survival rate and aggressiveness

Fish Frankenstein

The historical homeland of snakehead are the major rivers of the Far East, but thanks man these fish were in the countries of Central Asia, Africa, and the United States. Having a fairly large body, they have an incredible appetite and is capable of eating other fish, marine animals, some mammals and even birds. Due to well-developed jaws with many sharp teeth, snakehead competes with its natural rivals, later becoming full owner of the pond.

In addition to gills, from the fish family snakehead has nadzhabernoy air bag for the air. Of a kind of lungs, oxygen enters the bloodstream, providing the vital functions of the body. Stock air nadzhabernoy bags enough for 3 to 5 days.

In habitat the snakehead is not observed for other predators because of the incredible aggressiveness of these creatures

If snakehead were in adverse conditions, for example the drying up of the pond, he is able to bury themselves in muddy sediments at a depth of 1 meter, creating a camera, greased with a special mucus, where the ability to calmly wait for the filling of the reservoir up to several months. If the reservoir run out of food, the snakehead is able to overcome distances of tens of kilometers in order to find a new place of residence in the form of a river, Creek, pond or lake.

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The Department of natural resources is concerned about the appearance of this fish in the private pond in Georgia, because it threatens not only the extinction of some fish species from the pond, but the spread of a dangerous predator, destroying everything in its path. At the moment scientists are trying to figure out whether this species of fish outside of the pond. The number of snakehead is governed by Federal law and is classified as a harmful wild animal. Such a classification means that the smuggling of this fish species in the United States is prohibited without a special license.

If you see a snakehead under water, it is quite difficult to distinguish from snakes. In addition to the “snake” head, some species have a pronounced snake color

However, in Russia, in the Amur river and Ussuri snakehead is a valuable commercial species and coexist peacefully, with both predatory and peaceful fish species. Fish belonging to the family snake, a threat to humans are not, but there were cases when they would attack people defending their offspring.

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