Found a way to measure the pressure inside the cell

Maintaining the pressure at one level is a key indicator of homeostasis (i.e. constancy of the internal environment) and its violation affects the entire human body. By analogy with the whole body, the cell has its own pressure. And this indicator is extremely important for microscopic processes. And now we can finally see the figure. Moreover, a very interesting way.

During a series of experiments, a group of researchers from the University of Geneva has created a special rotating molecule. Writes about this edition of Nature Chemistry. As you know, most bacteria, fungi and multicellular have an external shell. And each cell may vary in size and scope of this change is large enough. This increases turgor pressure within cells and if this process is not controlled — the cell will burst. For this purpose, a special system constraints, “embedded” in the cell membrane.

“Normal” means to measure the pressure inside the cell is problematic, and for this purpose scientists have created a rotating molecule FliptR. It is through the structure measures the tension level of the cell membrane. The rotation of the molecules near the cell wall senses the change in size and on the basis of data obtained from a molecule of also knowing the shape and volume of the cell, it is possible to calculate the intracellular pressure.

Information about the internal pressure in the cell will allow to better understand the intracellular metabolism and also help, for example, in studying the effect of drugs and toxins on our body.

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