Found a way without drugs to clear the blood from cancer cells

Unfortunately, such a dangerous disease like cancer in advanced stage is not limited to just one body and the cancer cells spread throughout the human body. This is possible by means of a network of blood and lymphatic vessels, which, like a grid, covering every inch of the body. And it seems quite logical that the desire of scientists to develop a method for the purification of the blood from this infection. This is what he wants to do a research group from the UK.

Scientists do not lose hope to find a way to deal with cancer

How to clean blood from cancer cells

Strictly speaking, such a method already exists and it is called “dialysis”. Dialysis is a way of cleaning blood from various toxic products. Usually used in case of kidney diseases and other conditions, accompanied by a powerful intoxicatiei. But the methods of dialysis is not able to detect cancer. Therefore, this method is not suitable. However, it is possible slightly to modify. The new technology is called MediSieve and, according to the publication Telergaph, in its development meets Dr. George Frodsham.

His idea is quite simple: sir Frodsham came up with the idea in that moment, when he studied how magnetic nanoparticles designed to bind to cells in the body interact with each other and with external factors. At the moment there are many technologies for targeted (ie a “big place”) drug delivery using nanoparticles. As a rule, they are magnetized and to deliver them to a special magnetic field. This is what has prompted the scientist to the idea.

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If it is possible to magnetize the nanoparticles and cause them to penetrate certain cells, why not use the same nanoparticles in order to “pierce” of the tumour cells and then in operations similar to the above-mentioned dialysis, to “viminacium” of blood flow? In theory, this will allow to save the patient from dreadful cells without the use of toxic drugs. In this case it’s pretty simple to implement — the patient is taking blood, it is cleaned in the magnetic field, then the blood poured back. The whole procedure takes 2 to 4 hours, and after several such sessions, the concentration of cancer cells in the blood should be significantly reduced. Besides, the immune system will be easier to cope with the consequences of the neoplastic process themselves if the cells will be less. About these developments we often write on our portal. So subscribenot to miss anything important.

Moreover, the team also noted that new development could be a promising and fighting other States in which there is an infection of the blood by various agents. For example, for the treatment of malaria or sepsis. At first it will be possible to “catch” malaria by Plasmodium infected red blood cells, while the second disease is to remove from the body of bacteria before they damaged other organs and tissues. If preliminary tests are successful, the technology MediSieve go into the testing phase against malaria already 2020, and to treat sepsis cancer a year later, in 2021.

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