Found the harmful flavor electronic cigarettes

Still a debate going on about the dangers of Smoking electronic cigarettes. It is especially difficult to say something when you have to compare it with the harm from Smoking tobacco. However, a new study presented at the annual conference of the American thoracic society, allows you to open your eyes to the influence of some chemical used to flavor liquids for electronic cigarettes.

The researchers drew attention to cinnamaldehyde connection, which is used to simulate the taste and smell of cinnamon. This compound affects the cells of the wind pipe leading to the lungs. The cells have cilia that move, helping to clear mucus. The researchers subjected these cells to the effects of cinnamaldehyde.

The cells were exposed to fluid containing cinnamaldehyde. The other part was treated using an aerosol containing the substance. Both experiments showed that the liquid and vapor containing the substance, limit the movement of the cilia on the cells for hours after exposure. It is believed that it can weaken the organism and make it more vulnerable to chronic lung diseases and infections. The result is the same as that of the smokers.

Of course, this investigation is not over. Scientists have yet to determine the effect of cinnamaldehyde on the cells of a living person. So, unfortunately, still impossible to unambiguously compare the harms of Smoking electronic cigarettes harm from tobacco Smoking. Let the results of the study can cause anxiety, they are not able to scare people away from Smoking electronic cigarettes.

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