Found the remains of the oldest birds in the world. What can they share?

New Zealand, which consists of two large and more than 700 tiny Islands, is home to the most amazing birds. For example, it live there on the verge of extinction, Kakapo parrot and Kiwi — learn more about them and see all their beauty is possible in our material, this is a truly lovely creation. Amazing birds inhabited the Islands of new Zealand millions of years ago — one of them was the so-called “lonesome” birds, Pelagornithidae, wingspan reached 6 meters in length. Recently, paleontologist-the fan named Lee Love found the remains of the most ancient representative of this species and made a very amazing discovery.

Wingspan birds of the family Pelagornithidae reached six meters

Ancient birds of New Zealand was nicknamed “lonesome” because of the presence of teeth similar to bony prominences on the beak. Species that went extinct about 2.5 million years ago when Australopithecines evolved gradually into Homo sapiens, had tiny teeth in the form of needles. This means that they ate mainly soft food like squid. Large wings were needed for planning of flights.

The first birds in the world

However, their distant ancestors, who lived about 62 million years ago, was much smaller and look like small gulls. But they had a short and broad teeth meant for eating fish and other solid foods. The existence of the ancient and quite small in size of the ancestors of these amazing birds became known recently, thanks to the work of paleontologist-the fan named Lee Love. To see this fellow on the video below.

His name few people know, but this man has done so much for science. You’d be surprised, but he is the man who discovered the remains of a penguin the size of a man — remember, we wrote about it in April 2019? Apparently, he has not stopped his work and dug up one of the most ancient of all known birds, and gave the new species the name Protodontopteryx ruthae in honor of his wife Ruth.

The bone fragment bird species Protodontopteryx ruthae

This is interesting: Why some birds are ready to sacrifice their lives for the dream?

What he found bones in New Zealand, surprised many scientists. The fact that all this time, the paleontologists were confident that “lonesome” lived only in the Northern hemisphere, because the remains were mostly just there. Now they have a quite plausible assumption that the development of ancient birds began in New Zealand.

Some look so bird species Protodontopteryx ruthae

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In General, if the Islands of new Zealand does not appear people today, we could see many beautiful birds live. The fact that repopulating these places, travelers not only that began hunting for the beautiful feathered creatures, so also brought cats and dogs. It would seem that the cats can be dangerous for birds? But the danger, in fact, very big in Australia at the cats began hunting, because in one year they managed to kill over a billion animals. And all this is happening in the world today! As can be seen, seals are not that harmless as they seem.

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