Foundation their selves SD move Huawei of card use in cell phones the company’s future

مؤسسة ذواكر SD تحرم هواوي من استخدام بطاقتها في هواتف الشركة المستقبلية

The Prohibition of the institution of the SD responsible for the development of external memory cards for phones and laptops “Secure Digital”_ a well-known choice boots SD _ company Huawei from use memory in copy of its upcoming products, to be this is the last blows received by the company depending on the decision of the U.S. embargo.

Where the foundation has emphasized that she has done this step and banned Huawei compliant to the decision of the government of the United States Department of Commerce, which the company developed China with 70 other company on the ban list; thus imposed restrictions on dealing with it without prior authorization from the government, as well as an executive order signed by US President Donald Trump is prohibited cooperation, or the purchase of equipment from companies of foreign communications for security reasons, where Huawei has been on the top of the list.

Commented Huawei on this new crisis being of all users of its phones current and they’re still able to buy and use SD cards وMicroSD, knowing that the company has proceeded to integrate each special in some of its products during the recent period, which probably came as a demo to simulate such decisions, but in any case can not ignore that this step will affect somehow on the versions of the phones the company’s future.

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