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Take this article from the founder with the talk with Hussain Attar co-founder at platform PHOTO Pro.

مسيرة مؤسس: حسين عطّار ومنصة صوّرلي

Platform represents a photo take over Saudi Arabian market on the internet, founded by Hussein Attar and Al-Zahrani, 2013, the purpose of this market connect designers with potential clients. Came the idea of creating this market after hearing a co-founder Mohammed Al-Zahrani someone else knows a similar idea during a hackathon organized in the city of Jeddah within the events of Startup Weekend Jeddah. After a short period, you know the two founders to each other and we were able to end it to focus on helping companies and individuals who face difficulty in finding a photographer talented.

Since its launch, the company’s emerging change of the export market and build a useful platform for staff to provide an excellent experience in the selection of talented designers.

Within the early stages of the project, the Hussain Attar presented their idea in a marathon of ideas in ArabNet Riyadh 2013. To listen to his presentation in full, please click on the link HERE.

Would the founding platform of the pictures of my this year’s edition of ArabNet Riyadh, which will be held in December next, where a march will be held the two sports within the WOT sports.

In the framework of the interview friendly and performed with Hossein Attar, presented some information and ideas about entrepreneurship, and about his career in the field of entrepreneurship, which will be a source of inspiration for those who wish to achieve similar success to the success of Hussein.

مسيرة مؤسس: حسين عطّار ومنصة صوّرلي

How do you define success, and why the success of “PHOTO Pro”, you think?

I think that the level of success of the startups that play the role of the market such as “Photo Pro” Link in general for become suppliers where essential to provide for their livelihood. In the case of a “photo take”, and makes some infected nearly 10 thousand Saudi riyals per month through our platform until now. So we can say that our startup is still at the beginning of their journey towards success.

What kind of Culture your company and how you founded her?

In our company, we follow a culture based on the principle of “getting the job done wherever we are”, and since today’s employees yearn for freedom at work, we have adopted a culture that allows staff to organize their work in a manner that ensures and facilities the company’s interest and to maintain the productivity of their work. We always keep our doors open to all our employees in case they needed help.

What challenges did you face during the career for you?

When we started the platform Project “Photo take”, it was the entrepreneurship sector in Saudi Arabia is still in the process of growing up and missing time to some basic elements such as funding, sources of talent, Government support, however, the past year has seen a marked improvement in these areas. Investors, investors, adventurers are today eager to invest in startups; the foundation provides palliative Federation Saudi Cyber Security, Programming and other institutions necessary training and graduation of new talent in the field of programming, marketing and other disciplines and necessary.

Also provide the institution facilities and the venture capital investment Saudi Arabia to Djanet Ministry of trade and support for emerging companies specialized in technical through the amendment of laws and the establishment of joint investment programs.

What are the lessons of sports that I discovered which helps you to focus on productivity in your programme of work every day?

Adopted a strategy to identify the short term goals and distribute the tasks daily or weekly, and that’s what helps me maintain my enthusiasm were to follow up on my work. No better feeling than the feeling resulting from the click the button “mine”, a feeling that motivates me to go forward.

It must be noted that the work in the field of entrepreneurship may include the emergence of factors and events often distract us from the work itself, it is only necessary in this case to know how to handle them and how to distribute tasks to the members of the team.

Do you think that the success of the entrepreneur subject to the adoption of the business model in particular?

To build a startup successful, I think it depends on each entrepreneur to choose the right team for the idea, administration and management of cash flow, good attention to the clients. Providing these three elements will give a greater chance to grow as a successful start-up.

During the process of establishment of their company, entrepreneurs know when to refuse or postpone the task according to implement with the current situation and relevance.

What are the tips you want to give it to those who desire to work in the field of entrepreneurship?

I already know a lot of entrepreneurs and aspiring owners of great ideas, but they often write to planning and investigating their own ideas effectively, either because they lose focus or enthusiasm or because the entrepreneur another overtakes them.

My advice for entrepreneurs aspiring is that they founded a company of their arising and to adapt to changes in their walk. The most important factor in the field of entrepreneurship is the flexibility and ability to adapt ideas and new situations easily and in the same time reduce or cancel the role of the bureaucracy. These help stimulate innovation and enthusiasm.

What are your future plans in the “photo take” in relation to the expansion of?

We have recently established shop in the United Arab Emirates, hoping to convert the “photo take” to the place where he meant everyone to get solutions in the field of photography and camera for the Dubai “Expo” in 2020 the participation of companies and Missions International. In addition, we intend to expand the scope of the submissions to our corporate access to the e-shops through the provision of a photographer specialising in photographing product listings and others specialized in photographing dishes for the applications of food delivery. It also will allow the partnership that we have developed recently with the company “Silkroad Images” the designers the possibility to sell their photos through our platform.

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