Founding Instagram where they will leave their posts in the company

مؤسسا إنستقرام يتركان منصبيهما في الشركة

The executive director announced the purchase of Instagram where they and co-founder to develop them, Kevin’s sister, and on his resignation from the post of company founder the other for the Mike Krieger and all of a sudden. The result of that desire them in obtaining time for rest and the beginning of a new journey in their journey.

He adds that it’s a new problem to buy Facebook, and perhaps that her feelings are the last way managed to develop a Instagram where they made the founders of the app leave office abruptly.

Has mentioned Kevin in a letter to the code of the app, he and his partner are excited for the future of your Facebook into the next period as users and not administrators, and, perhaps, that coming to pay any talk about internal problems, but maybe mention it in and of itself suggests a lack of agreement within the company, who knows?

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