Four functions that are needed iCloud Drive

It’s been a few years since, as Apple introduced an updated cloud service iCloud Drive, and during that time the company did not pay much attention to him. There are at least four features that I would like to see in an updated version of iCloud Drive.

Shared folders

Now, almost all cloud services have the opportunity to share the folder with other users. Dropbox had this functionality from the beginning. Shared folders also work very well on Google Drive. Why iCloud Drive yet of this function?

It would be great to be able to create a link which will allow people who are not using iCloud to upload the file, which will then be available on the Mac.

Easy recovery allows to recover deleted files, but this is done there is very inconvenient and slow. In fact the whole web interface, iCloud is like a desktop application inside the browser (slow app). I really want to restore iCloud Drive was directly in macOS with the same interface from Time Machine.


Would be handy to some folders were marked as “only available online”. This would mean that I don’t want it stored on my computer. An example of this can be a folder with audio books. Although I have the disk space, I would prefer not even to sync it. The same Dropbox offers various options for selective sync

Easy creation of common references

In the case of Dropbox create shared links are incredibly easy. Just click the right mouse button on the Mac and share the file.

With iCloud Drive it is possible but very tedious to configure. Need to manually set the public permissions for each link. This function should work the same as Dropbox.

What would you like to change in iCloud Drive?

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