Fox Sports will cooperate with AT&T and Intel to show the speed of the 5G by broadcast 4K


Will be 5G is the standard in the future, there are many sectors that will benefit from the speed of the internet provided by this technology, including of course the smart phone sector. But in light of the lack of access to a lot of on his experience, has announced Fox Sports it in collaboration with my company AT&T and Intel, will prove how fast the 5G.

How would you do it? Will you do it through the broadcast of 4K video using the fifth-generation networks for the championship of the US Open Championship which will be held between 14 and 17 June. According to Fox Sports, he stated by saying : ” will the technology of fifth generation 5G moving image of 4K UHD from the two cameras, Fox Sports is to put them in the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club by truck production of Fox Sports, which makes it available for Fox Sports viewers through DirectTV. In the future, we can use the networks of the fifth generation to assess the problems of reality of the virtual state in real-time to viewers “.

It would be interesting to know whether the technology 5G will be able to provide such a broadcast to viewers, particularly to content 4K HDR needs to transfer data at a greater rate. Announced Telecommunications Company of America AT&T announced its plans to launch 5G in the coming months with the hopes to run this new generation of wireless networks in different cities in the USA by the end of this year.

However, given that the smart phones that we have currently does not support 5G, we believe that we will never experience the fifth-generation networks on our phones until the year 2019 or 2020.


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