Foxconn are releasing 50 thousand working earlier than usual because of slowing smartphone sales

iPhone XS Max

The Foxconn company laying off about 50 thousand working contractor of workforce in the company since last October. The figure seems to be normal compared to previous years, but the timing is different where the currency was abandoned in the early from the usual.

According to a source is not detected his name familiar with the situation, it appears that workers who have been laid off working at the factory in Zhengzhou city, Henan province in China with the knowledge that this is the source responsible for the production of the bulk of the iPhone. And, apparently, was to reduce the number of workers there due to the fact Apple to reduce the rate of production of smart phones, the modern in more than once over the past few months.

Are usually renew the contracts of the client on a monthly basis from November until mid-January. What is unusual is that Foxconn asked many of these workers leave before the end of the year. Reportedly, it appears that the company Pegatron, which also oversees the manufacturing iPhones for Apple, has done its part by reducing the number of workers earlier.

The number of workers in factories Pegatron about 200 thousand workers during the peak season, the company then reduced the number of workers in the tens of thousands every month, even up to 100 thousand worker to keep the production process organized, but in general the 2018 event this decrease in the number of workers at the time of the speaker from the usual.

Company Foxconn to reduce projected costs in the year 2019, due to slowing sales of smartphones globally.


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