Foxconn company violate the labor laws of the Chinese response to requests for the manufacture of phones iPhone 11


Referred the Working Group to Chinese sources, Foxconn violated Chinese law. As most of you know, the Foxconn is a company that is contracted by Apple to manufacture many of its products, including iPhone, so the company Apple its own investigation she admitted that some of the allegations are true, but not all.

The biggest problem mentioned in the report is that 50 percent of the workforce in the Foxconn company is composed of temporary workers while the Chinese law that it can not be allowed by only 10%. Said Apple they work closely with the company Foxconn to resolve this issue, but any sudden changes in work schedule may affect the launch of the iPhone new this year.

The report goes on to say that Foxconn company asked the workers to do overtime, although achieving Apple says that all periods of overtime work was voluntary. However, some staff who worked at the overtime consisted of students and trainees who are not allowed to overtime. She explained to Apple that there is no longer the students are working extra hours.

It looks as if Foxconn is facing difficulty in commitment to manufacture the quantity promised by the Apple lineup iPhone 11 Series The New. This could mean that Apple is expecting high sales this year.


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