France began to build a Hyperloop line

The company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has announced the beginning of construction of the first of the two lines of test installations for passenger transportation and plans to launch it this year. The company said that in Toulouse got the first batch of pipes from which to build the line.

“The internal pipe diameter is 4 meters. Thus, the system is optimized for transporting passenger capsules and cargo containers,” said the company in a statement.

In the first phase of construction is planned to collect a line length of about 320 metres. Its operation will begin already this year. Next year the company plans to complete the construction of a stretch of 1 kilometer.

In 2019 it is planned to complete the construction of the system with a length of 1 kilometer. This pipe line will be installed on poles at a height of 5.8 meters above the ground.

It is planned that the first fully functional passenger capsule, which at the moment is a Spanish company Carbures, will be delivered to the test facility for Assembly and integration into the system this summer. As expected, the capsule is equipped with 28-40 passenger seats, will be able to reach the speed of 1223 km / h.

At the moment the development of the Hyperloop system is engaged not only in HTT. About a year Virgin Hyperloop One has at his disposal a test line, however, unlike the HTT pipe diameter Hyperloop Virgin One is just 3.3 meters, which, according to some, is not really suitable for practical use, but rather intended solely to demonstrate.

Recall that the idea of the Hyperloop was introduced in 2012, engineer, entrepreneur, investor and owner of companies such as SpaceX and Tesla Motors, Elon Musk. It lies in the fact that in the pipes above the surface of the earth in extremely rarefied air with a small interval and a speed of up to 1220 kilometers per hour will move the capsule with passengers or cargo. In this capsule will not touch the walls of the pipe due to the effect of air cushion. The greatest activity in the implementation of this idea currently have One and the company Hyperloop Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

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