France fined Uber 460,000$ following the breakthrough of the long customer data 2016

فرنسا تُغرم أوبر 460,000$ على إثر إختراق طال بيانات العملاء عام 2016

The imposition of the French National Commission of information and freedoms (CNIL) fined Uber $ 460,000$ on the level of penetration of the long Company 2016 led to the leaking of information 57 million, including 1.7 million living in France, came in the report of the committee to the kidnappers they had access to the database users at the time through passwords and accounts staff in company Uber, which saw the targeting camera in the apartments of the security for customer data.

He explained that Uber could have avoided such a serious event to do many of the preventive steps such as activating a service account verification steps to calculate their own repositories hosting GitHub, and the committee to store login information for services Amazon Web Services(AWS) with more force on GitHub which use led to facilitate the process of penetration and the use of lists to audit and verify the numbers the definition of digital (IP) of the hardware related to the services of AWS.

She was fined AWeber 1.6 million in the same issue by the UK at $ 490,000$ Netherlands $ 690,000$ to become the proceeds of the fines that shot by Uber by countries in the European Union for a moment miss the$ 2 million, this is a minor amount compared to the fines imposed in European law, the new protection data, users that have up to 4% of the annual income of the company.

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