France sue Airbnb because of the publication places contrary to the laws of rent

باريس - فرنسا تقاضي Airbnb بسبب نشر أماكن مخالفة لقوانين الإيجار

No stranger to the platform Airbnb exposure accountable to legal because of the way users of a hired user, where the policy of each country and at the same time challenge a lot of irregularities due to exchange laws, this time it was France again is the case especially talking about the capital, Paris.

While you think of France and its capital Paris of the largest tourist destinations in the world, they have suffered a recent period of share rentals tourism especially on apps such as Airbnb, where there are several lessors is registered with the French authorities, which puts a lot of people in danger.

Refused to the municipality of Paris filed a lawsuit against Airbnb due to the presence of more than 1,000 of the declaration places the rent contrary to the laws established there, where the laws require non-rental homeowners to no more than 120 day of the year, these places are advertised contrary to the laws in accordance with the French capital which did not give more details about it.

France had enacted laws earlier commit of the wants to rent a house or a certain place via apps like Airbnb that says scoring countries, explained at the time that any application activates the home is licensed will be the same for the readers.

And Paris to pay 12,500 euros as per announcement on the house, which is what makes Airbnb is facing a fine estimated at about $ 14.2 million in the event of its condemnation.

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