Fraudulent advertising of crypto-currencies can do Facebook in a $ 1.2 million

A Dutch court ruled that Facebook should delete investment is associated with Bitcoin. It all began after the lawsuit of a local billionaire television producer John de Mol against the company. In June of 2019 De Mol has filed a lawsuit against Facebook. He said that the social network did not respond to his numerous requests to remove ads fraudulent scheme in which he used images of himself and other celebrities.

Judging by the claims of the applicant, neglect Facebook in addition led to a loss of $ 1.8 million. That’s how much he estimates the damage from the advertising campaign.

John de Mol, the Dutch billionaire and Creator of the format TV singing competitions "the Voice". In early June of 2019 became aware of his lawsuit against Facebook. The reason was fraudulent advertising cryptocurrency projects, which used photographs of John. Consent of the owner is not allowed.

Facebook and cryptocurrencies

After the businessman’s suit in Dutch court ruled that Facebook must provide all available information on the persons who were behind the Scam. Otherwise, the company can be fined up to $ 1.2 million. The court stated the following.

Facebook arguments about what is just a neutral source of information, so it supposedly cannot be obliged to act, is unacceptable. The company is too dependent on advertising, which forms its main business model, to say such things.

John de Mol. Source:

In court, the representatives of Facebook said that the platform already removed the ad for the fraudulent scheme and sees to the execution of “all legal measures, including the appeal of the lawsuit”.

It is important to note that this decision does not change our commitment to the fight against this kind of advertising. We cannot emphasize enough that these types of ads have absolutely no place on Facebook, and we struggle with them as their forces.

First John De Mol faced the problem in October 2018, that is already image with it used to promote fraudulent schemes. The situation commented Jacqueline Cheap, lawyer businessman.

John de Mol first noticed the posts is in October 2018. We don’t know whether they are available in that period. We just didn’t notice this before, but it does not mean that they were not published long before the litigation.

Mark Zuckerberg. Source: Bloomberg

Recall that Facebook has banned any advertising of crypto-currencies in the beginning of 2018. However, after a few months, the company has revised its policy regarding this issue and was allowed to promote cryptocurrency projects. And in a year did Facebook announced the launch of its own digital currency called Libra.

Case de Mola — another reason to think about the security of your cryptocurrency savings and not to pay attention to advertising projects. Even if it seems compelling, and the image is famous person, it does not guarantee anything. All of this can hide the usual scams that simply steal your coins and not give anything in return. In addition to the experience, of course.

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