Free specialty award players a total of $ 100 million through 2019

فورتنايت تخصص جوائر للمتسابقين بمجموع 100 مليون دولار خلال 2019

The company Epic to allocate the total prizes to contestants with a total value of $ 100 million within its annual the game free or what you call it, Fortnite World Cup, where the longer the game stay the of the most universally popular and have voiced widely throughout the world dispersed.

Start of the contest phases of rehabilitation for players with ten games opening weekly from 13 April to 16 June, where he specialized Game $ 1 million weekly prize winners, will be selected for the top 100 solo player (solo) to participate in the finals of the vortex as well as the top 50 owners play Duo (Duo), where the complexity of the competitions and the final in New York from 26 – 28 June.

In Will the value of the combined prize for the final level of $ 30 million will of every player on 50 thousand dollars as a minimum while the winner of our first place will receive $ 3 million.

Knowing that the game free have achieved last year $ 500 million just from the devices working with iOS, as it achieved income from 300 to 400 million per month on various gaming platforms, to keep that $ 100 million of awards doesn’t mean it’s a lot for the company in light of the growing numbers belonging to them.

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