Free Wi-Fi.. health risks it’s time for them

Written – sondos Osama

My pen creates the home in the world now devices Internet Wireless called “Wi-Fi” and, more importantly, those devices are almost never extinguished, but the truth is that you may not know by most people that it’s dangerous, and that there is to dispense with the wires and cables ground giant heavy too, especially when it comes to health and prevention of diseases.

What’s the problem?

الواي فاي.. مخاطر صحية حان الوقت للتعرف عليها

Sending routers wireless electromagnetic signals to computers via the walls, that the radiation which passes through the layer of building stones, concrete blocks and paint what you think it does pass through your body? If you have one of the receivers of the wireless in your home, you are exposed to radiation immense, the major problem to be conservative to keep the “Wi-Fi” available 24 hours throughout the day and throughout the week, and don’t forget that your neighbors are the other houses have the receivers also purify radiation how she wants.

It is true that the electromagnetic radiation produced by receivers wireless low level, however, studies have shown that long term exposure to electromagnetic waves caused by Wi-Fi devices can cause brain damage and memory loss, and even cancer tumors, and most of that happens long exposure waves over long periods of time may occur changes in the DNA.

الواي فاي.. مخاطر صحية حان الوقت للتعرف عليها

Some people claim they suffer from health problems due to exposure to Wi-Fi networks, these problems ranging from irregular heartbeat, dizziness, headaches, lack of concentration, anxiety, depression, problems with digestion, they say the closure of the Wi-Fi network, or leave the areas full of such networking makes them feel much better.

In a very exciting, a group of researchers of the Danish experiment on the seeds of the herb, they planted 200 seeds viable for germination in room-free, and planted them in another room next to the wifi device activated, and received seed 400 in the two rooms the same amount of care and watering, and after 12 days, the germinated seeds in the room free, and did not alert those planted with Wi-Fi.

الواي فاي.. مخاطر صحية حان الوقت للتعرف عليها

Maybe it’s time to let you risk constant exposure to radiation Wi-Fi and personal phones, and take a positive step towards the prevention of deadly diseases caused by such radiation, so as to keep on switching off Wi-Fi devices, lock the possibility to connect to cell phones through the night, you during the bedroom will not mean to see you one of your friends via email or social media accounts, as you won’t make phone calls during the sleep, what is the motivation then to keep those devices open all the time?

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