From behind the leaks of Apple continuing it?!

Always newspapers and news sites of various leaks. products various Apple before officially announced, and have reached this settlement throughout the recent years of intensity and precision what makes up know what’s going to Apple do and disclosed in the near future, it is behind those persistent leaks out? And what do Apple do about it? This is what we know through this article.

من يقف خلف تسريبات آبل المستمرة ؟!

From behind the leaks of Apple continuing it?!

Who passes that?!

There are many persons who leak information to the press and news websites in addition to analysts them to people within the Apple TV itself turn on such things and are working on specific projects or attending meetings on a regular basis.

There are also staff working within the interests of production or trade and who leak the photos of products during the initial stages. And the motives of those who say such a settlement of some payment is made not by the press or analysts in order to get exclusive news and others do it just out of Fun No more!

How to include the apple of the leak was posted?!

There is damage is located on the Apple TV from, inter alia, such as the detection of their plans in front of the competition, which in turn may rearrange its affairs to prepare to launch a new product from Apple, as if to prevent leaks and I thought the Apple TV on the element of surprise that may baffle its competitors. Also the impact of those leaks on the sales of the current versions of its products.

Apple wearing a grin of its teeth in front of the warriors!

Recently published Apple issued a strongly worded statement on its website, the interior warns of leaks any information about the products and future plans to the press and media.

And I mention Apple they managed last year to reach 29 person the disclosure of the information and was arrested on some, as they were subjected to expulsion and the loss of their jobs and according to Apple, those people will not be able to work in other places.

And of the accidents that have been investigated and expelled and fight the leak. the incident occurred last month according to the Apple TV when somebody leaked the content of a secret meeting about policy changes to Apple about updates to the iOS system and focus on performance and stability as a top priority, and is the famous label which he published the site of Bloomberg and we talked about earlier in the essay.

It is worth mentioning that Tim Cook CEO of Apple stated years ago that Apple will double the speed on their products, but it seems that these procedures did not work and that the leaks did not stop, still exist and even accelerate.

The funny thing is that that statement published on the internal site for Apple staff and that warns of a leak of information has been leaked is the other media and here we are talking about now!

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