From the galaxy-double our milky Way received a mysterious radio signal

Only a week ago we reported that Australian astronomers received mysterious radio signal from a distant galaxyis located four billion light years. This week I decided to surprise the American scientists from the California Institute of technology. The researchers reportthat caught the new single fast pulse (FRB). From other previously received signals, it is distinguished by the fact that he came to us from a galaxy that is very similar to our own milky Way galaxy.

According to scientists, the source is located in the galaxy, which is 7.9 billion light years. It’s almost twice as far source of the first signal received last week.

Such fast impulses is very difficult to determine, researchers say. The reason is that their duration is only a few milliseconds. They are difficult to catch. At the same time, astronomers are very interested in them, because each pulse is accompanied by the emission into space huge amounts of energy. In 2007 it was discovered only a few dozen of these radio bursts.

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“To locate a single FRB signals is quite difficult. This requires a radio telescope capable of detecting these extremely short events and having a resolving power of a radio transmitter a mile wide,” explains Vikram Ravi from the California Institute of technology.

According to the researchers, the galaxy is the source of the new signal, called FRB 190523 similar to the milky Way.

“This discovery shows that every galaxy, even this ordinary, like our milky Way, can generate such signals,” the astronomers explain.

Scientists do not know exactly what or who can create these signals. But they have several guesses on this. Some believethat the radio pulses may be the result of catastrophic events in space, for example, the death of specific stars – magnetars. The peculiarity of these objects is that they have the most strong magnetic field in the Universe. Of course, there is an assumption, and that these signals can create intelligent life.

Even if it is aliens, they are, apparently, very ancient. After each such signal had to fly to us for billions of years.

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