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As far as improvement phone Palm little during the past few months, however, there are still restrictions blatantly related to it is perhaps the most notable is that you can’t buy it only from Verizon in the United States or through its web site in the rest of the world, this has opened the company Palm Pre-orders to get a copy of Unlocked Phone Android small to be held as a standalone phone in most of the US airlines the major, including AT&T and T-Mobile and Metro Metro prepaid.

Specifications Price phone palm

هاتف palm الذكي صغير الحجم متاح الآن في الأسواقPhone palm smartphone small size is now available in the markets

Phone identical to the function of the device available from Big Red, it was initially supposed to be a phone “high” for the Times that you don’t want in which wrap around the full device, and reflects it having a screen size of 3.2 inches and a slide Snapdragon 435 cameras limited battery life shorter, than other smart devices, as a standalone device, it means is really for those who hate phone screens constantly growing or prefer something that can do a bit more than the basics, it will be your new model of phone palm $ 350, with the expectation of charging pre-orders from six to eight weeks.

This is definitely more expensive than some of the other phones months, although you can see many phones with such internal capacity, both from Motorola and other devices that may be priced lower, but that the Model company Palm really is for people who appreciate the zoom and focus above anything else, and they are willing to pay for this privilege.

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