From the trumps: review headphone Simgot EM1, EM2 and EM3

In the autumn of last year on the Russian market a new brand Simgot. Many people immediately wonder: how, in fact “grow legs”? In General, the company Simgot was created in early 2015, is the Chinese brand with own production and development Department. To Russia it is got not at once, but now it’s time to see what can offer the company to its Russian users. Because the brand name was formed from the words “simple” and “elegant” (“simple” and “elegant”).

In edition of several models of the manufacturer — Simgot em-1, em-2 and em-3. This in-ear headphones, the representatives of the second wave in the production program Simgot. Came almost simultaneously and constitute a separate series along with the EM5. Primarily they differ in the number and type of drivers: if the model EM1 only one speaker, then in EM2 to him, and added another reinforcement that makes the headphones hybrid. But the EM3 version of all three drivers — two armature and one dynamic.

From left to right: Simgot EM3, EM1 and EM2

Simgot em-1 are the youngest among the three, but despite this, it boasts the flagship manners. First, these headphones have a behind-the-ear mount (as in EM2 and EM3) — it is designed in a way that conveniently fits the ear perfectly and fixes the earphone. Due to the fact that the model onedriver, the headset is small, so the discomfort of long wearing will experience. Headphones used dynamic drivers from EN700 PRO (updated version Simgot EN700 that replacement wire and improved sound), from the point of view of sound they are superior to many similar headphones in this price range.

In addition, even for the younger model has a detachable cable, and this 2-pin connector of 0.78 mm, which has a safety groove to prevent it from damage. And the equipment is rich: in addition to the headphones, put some silicone sleeves in different sizes.

Speaking of boxes: all the three models they are made of cardboard of medium size. It’s minimalistic, nothing more — a reference to the premium is immediately captivating. However, EM3 packaging is more “colorful” — as befits a model with three emitters.

Simgot em-2as EM1, represent a closed in-ear headphones with detachable cable and ear type mount. They already look more interesting: a fully transparent case (only a small plate with the model number highlighted), which allows you to see all the internal parts and wiring of a wire, a slightly larger size and excellent noise isolation.

The sound channel follows the course of the ear canal and are specially angled to the body. And it’s not just beautiful words, this really depends on whether headphones “crush” on the ears, and what is the overall listening experience they create. Many manufacturers miss the mark with the required angle and length of the sound channel from which the sound picture appears quite different.

Included also are two sets of silicone sleeves — three pairs of different sizes. The sets have different sound settings: due to the shape of the embouchure change the fit of the earphone in the ear and, as a consequence, the character of the sound. I opted for the large and felt very comfortable, though still not left the idea that with foam tips the feeling would have been even better. Cable, like EM1, braided removable with -. Silicone braided cable is more flexible around the ear, but the shape holds up well even if it is strongly bent, it will return to its original state. So headphones definitely not fall out of your ears. Jack straight, massive, with a serious bend protection.

Dynamic driver boasts of a membrane with a diameter of 10 mm (for in-ear earphones is really a request) and a power of 0.01 W — well, when you consider that many of its competitors it in two, and even three times less. Not without advanced improvements — based driver durable and very lightweight polymeric material which is further processed with titanium plating. For the reinforcing part is driver Knowles RAF-32873 — already a familiar name among music lovers.

The sound of all three headphones compare later, from myself, I note only that in Simgot implemented an unusual approach and did not share the workload between the drivers. Instead, they made it so that both sound simultaneously radiator across the entire frequency range. How this trick is winning, soon we’ll tell you.

As mentioned earlier, the “3” in the name of the headphones Simgot EM3 indicates the presence of three drivers. There is one 10-mm composite dynamic emitter and two reinforcing driver Knowles TWFK-30017 (balanced armature).

Packaging a more premium, and the sheath too. Not greedy and replaceable ear cushions: two sets of size S, L, and M. the Nozzle carefully Packed in a leather case frame: the left side of the case has a mesh, which allows you to store small items (even small player will fit).

Due to the additional driver size of headphones a little more, but other aspects are similar to EM1 and EM2: 2-pin connection to 0.78 mm, which is quite common, behind-the-ear mount. The cable is a 1.2 meter braided four-wire single crystal copper wire wrapped in black Kevlar fiber shell. The cylindrical plug has a 3.5 mm gold-plated coating. Don’t be cunning if say that soundproofing this model a little better, and sit in the ears they’re comfortable. Behind-the-ear mount, maybe not for everybody, but in this case it is almost imperceptible.

Angle connector here, too, all right: a cable when wearing the clicks in the ear, and the case perfectly conforms to the shape of the ear. Not to say that the headphones look better or worse — it is visible that designers tried Simgot over the entire range, and each model stands out for its individuality.

Before you start talking about sound, I want to say about two points that personally, I would like to improve in these headphones (applies to all three models). Yes, the manufacturer very carefully thought about the ear pads and put in a set two sets with different sound settings, but I would like and the foam nozzle. Although, if you decide which kit sounds the embouchure is best for you, you can choose a foam with the same character — not such expensive task. Foam nozzle allows you to make the headphones more versatile (I know several people who did not fit silicone sleeves — I guess they need something like XS or XL).

Oh and one more question — the removable cable. It has connectors 0.78, and if you have overlooked the MMCX cables, the replacement can be difficult. On the other hand, MMCX is not a dominant standard, and solutions from 0.78 or A2DC on the market abound. Besides Simgot there are Bluetoothadapters with these connectors, and it provides additional flexibility.


Well, to come up trumps, first look at the comparison of technical characteristics.

As you can see, the differences are minimal and they are mostly in the type and number of drivers. Nevertheless, at low, medium and high frequencies headphones are very different. And don’t forget that if you want to “squeeze” the maximum out of these headphones, it is important to choose the correct ear pads and to ensure a balance between comfort and maximum fit. To me that’s more like the sound of the ear cushions of the second group — the sound was the most natural, and headphones are not “pressed” on the ears. At the same time, others in the editorial praised first set.

Low frequency

If NCH is not too accented at EM1 and em-2, EM3 they fully disclosed all of the same two reinforcing drivers make themselves known. No separation of frequencies between the transmitter and clearly did them good: the headphones are playing the bass very loud and deep. And attention it deserves, depth of earphones is able to develop an impressive sound pressure — the effect is very unusual and interesting.


At medium frequencies the order of the whole trio: the vocal sounds smooth and lively, and in General during the audition was not revealed any defects. May sound slightly lacks naturalness, it is very clean, too. But here it is worth to note that EM1 and EM2, and EM3 is only for special audio players. Not necessarily expensive — there we tested them with a FiiO M7, but listen to only loseless formats — a real must have. Yeah, don’t even try to connect them to your smartphone or even iPod, no need extra time to rape your ears (and headphones).

High frequency

And here I liked the model EM2 — they are best able to cope with high frequencies. In other models, they were a little less bright, but good to quantify. Of course, it’s a matter of taste — some people like it, when HF is not much distraction and are just a nice addition.

What to choose?

Choosing between these new products from Simgot, you need to take into account not only design features, design and number of drivers, but also the price. The model em-1 costs about 5 thousand rubles, for older will have to pay almost 20 thousand rubles. All models offer good design and a rich set of delivery, and em-3 stands still and perfectly tuningowanych sound. Can not but rejoice that Simgot offers different options for a good sound at an affordable price and with excellent quality. Earphones assembled on conscience and, if to take into account the replacement cable, just last for as long as possible.

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