From year to year, changing the battery size in flagship

Tasks performed by our smartphones, are becoming more complex. Higher resolution screens, all the beautiful games and interfaces, all the higher quality pictures and videos that we create with the help of the cameras of our devices. It takes more energy, but the autonomy of our devices does not change. Why? Increasing the battery capacity from year to year, or the hardware becomes more energy efficient?

We can say that modern displays and processors have become more energy efficient. Is this enough to ensure that when increased requirements to preserve the same autonomy without increasing the battery capacity? Statistics says that is not enough.

Today, the average battery capacity of its flagship smartphone is about 3400 mAh. Growing size of the batteries. Our colleagues from Android Authority had submitted a schedule which shows the average accumulator size of the flagship smartphone from 2013 to 2018. The graph shows that capacity is steadily growing, but not growing too rapidly.

In 2015, the average capacity was 3000 mAh. In three years it grew to 400 mAh. Most of the capacity of batteries is growing in smartphones Huawei. It does not change in the smartphone OnePlus and not too active changes in Sony smartphones. Probably, the trend will continue until, until you start to apply the new technology batteries.

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