Fujifilm announces a camera for X-A5 it mirrors

This thread Fujifilm announces camera X-A5 but mirrors back on Engadget.

Announced Fujifilm camera X-A5 which is considered a new model lower than the average of a series of cameras X no. The camera containing the image sensor, APS-C accurately 24.2 megapixel with a filter, Bayer color, adjust the Automatic light, automatic transfer images Bluetooth and video recording in 4K. And it comes a touchscreen tiltable at an angle of 180 degrees, with a socket for the microphone is what makes it a good choice to the makers of the content on YouTube, bloggers and video others.

X-A5 mirrorless camera

Users cameras Fujifilm currently available may be interested are likely to return which will come with a camera, X-A5, which comes with XC15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ which is the first lens with powerzoom motorized in the lineup Fujifilm, which makes it the best choice of camera, magnifying glass, small size, lightweight (136 g) until now. The camera would Focal length of 15 millimeters at its widest extent, this can be a number of alternative inexpensive cameras Fujifilm wide-angle.


Will be shipped camera X-A5 with the new currency on February 8, priced at 599.99$, and SHA the new lens separately at a price of 299.95 USD and will be available in the same month in black or silver; the camera X-A5 will be available in brown, pink and black.


This thread Fujifilm announces camera X-A5 but mirrors back on Engadget.

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