Fujifilm is offering a full control of X-T30 design, smaller size and the price starts from 899 dollars

Announced Fujifilm of need new cameras X-T30 is a smaller version of the camera possible X-T3, where the offers from Fujifilm with the design of smaller size and lower price also compared to the version possible.

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Confirmed the Fujifilm to camera X-T20 achieved the highest sales during the financial period, which made the design lighter and smaller than version possible, the day of the new Fujifilm Camera X-T30 which begins pricing at $ 899 for the car only without lenses, or the price of 1300 $ almost camera with lens of 18-55 mm, as several other 15-45 mm at a price of $ 999.

It is scheduled to stop the camera better in colors are black and silver when launching the camera to the markets, also offer Fujifilm’s choice of another color is silver charcoal in the month of June.

Fujifilm X-T30

Specification and design of full vehicle X-T30

No different design, full control X-T30 from the previous version X-T20 is great, but Fujifilm has added some new touches in the design of the back in the new version, where the X-T30 with a stick controller supports the user in the focus, also redesigned d-pad, also comes the editing tools in the new version at the site nearest Leeds, the user can access it seamlessly, from the focus tools, and possible with the touch to the side of the button Q.

Come camera X-T30 LCD screen with Touch feature size of the thinnest of the screen the article in full control of X-T20, featuring a cable car, in general a smaller size can be seen quickly when you practical experience the cable car, which supports the user selects the smooth.

Certainly with the smaller size in the camera X-T30 there are some ingredients that have been sacrificed, where comes this version without ISO, and without the unit speed control performance of the shutter in the camera, it is possible that the X-T3, as come the camera with a single slot SD external memory.

In general, managed to Fujifilm to save the main tasks in the released possible to a new version smaller in full control of X-T30, featuring a camera with built-in flash, it also comes EVF quality display less of the article in full control of X-T3, also also feature screen camera LCD quality display less, but that feature touch-screen come jump into an very quick.

Full control of X-T30 features a sensor X-Trans CMOS 4 accurately 26.1 megapixels, also includes a processor of the X-Processor 4 quad core a processor with the user in the X-T3, also includes a cable car, the fourth generation of technology Fujifilm to auto focus fast, with the technique of setting the scene, and supports continuous shooting up to 30 frames per second to the metronome website, 8 frames per second, also supports auto focus and 3.0 EV, and speed in performance by 150% compared to the cameras X-T20.


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