Fujifilm officially reveals the camera Fujifilm X-A7, and 700$

Fujifilm X-A7

The company Fujifilm’s leading manufacturer of cameras for professional slide the curtain officially on her camera the new Fujifilm X-A7, which you think the camera is the latest in a series cameras Fujifilm X Series which does not contain mirrors, which features at the price its reasonable.

This camera is designed basically for beginners and feature design and layout simplified by providing a less number of controls and more focus on the touch screen interface. According to Fujifilm, has reported that the new camera Fujifilm X-A7 include a APS-C sensor accurately 24.2 megapixels, which is a sensor that the company says that it contains focus points AF the largest amount 8.5 times of the camera Fujifilm X-A5 previous. It also supports Face Tracking and.

Feature camera the new Fujifilm X-A7 also features an improved don’t mark the videos as shoot videos in 4K at 30 frames per second videos in FullHD at 60 FPS. Unfortunately, this camera lets you record videos 4K for just 15 minutes, video FullHD for only 30 minutes, but for most ordinary users, it should be enough.

In the backend, there is a new LCD screen size of 3.5 inch and the width to height of 16:9 allowing videos to your appearing on this screen without the black straps unsightly. It should be noted that this screen is touch sensitive and can rotor fully in the direction of the face which makes it ideal for lovers of Fallujah were ( videos daily ) or self-images ( predecessors of ).

The company Fujifilm to include mode to Bright Mode in this camera which allows the use of HDR to produce images brighter and more vibrant without changing any settings. There are many situations and scenes, such as Light Trails, which lets inexperienced users get the desired results without entering into minute detail.

New camera Fujifilm X-A7 also supports Bluetooth which allows it in conjunction with your smartphone to transfer photos and videos. Also includes USB Type-C era with the computer and. Generally, the price of Fujifilm X-A7 about 700 USD, and it comes with a lens FUJINON XC15-45mmF3.5 – 5.6 OIS PZ. Before concluding, We would like to point out that this camera will be available in four colors include black, silver, green, orange.

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