Full details to penetrate large accounts Apple, AWeber, Bill Gates and Elon Musk on Twitter, and standing behind her?!

Surprised by follow some official accounts and large on Twitter and tweet a weird these accounts have included Apple, Uber, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and even former president of the United States of America Barack Obama along with a large number of accounts other official singers, politicians and public figures! This letter is simply intended monument on the traffickers.اختراق أبل

Hacked Apple accounts, AWeber and Bill Gates and others in exchange for money

The inventor -or inventors – had published a tweet weird explaining that he intends to give money to everyone, and that Twitter may be issued by inexperienced and ordinary users easily when they see her coming from the official accounts documented! An example of this was a tweet that Elon Musk and he said the inventors: “all of the will send the money to my wallet on bitcoin will happen in course to double the amount for 30 minutes just” to start everyone who sees this tweet to send money for!

It was also the case for other accounts hacked including Apple, AWeber, singer Kanye West, former US President, Obama, Presidential candidate Joe Biden and other accounts many! Although the tweet didn’t stay on site only for a few minutes, however, a large number of users have sent the money already.

Of course none of these eminent persons, published this tweet which was the only breakthrough of Twitter, which was subjected to a penetration also significant for several months! According to the sources, the process of penetration that has made profits for hackers reached to 110 thousand dollars lost in during the few minutes which remained the tweets found on the net!

According to the network of Vice known as the break has been by a staff member of Twitter, who after receiving a bribe from the kidnappers, he changed the email associated with the accounts hacked! Already has been leaked image from the control panel of Twitter itself and change the email to one of the accounts hacked.

اختراق تويتراختراق أبل على تويتر

Twitter has to control the situation within minutes of the occurrence of penetration but it was too late to of The they analyzed the amounts already which is very unfortunate, we advise you not to transfer any funds to any wallets on the bitcoin whatever its owner unless you realize what you’re doing fully! What do you think? What is your impression of what happened?

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