Full screen.. new technology sought by Samsung

One of the main things that it seems that smartphone makers are working on them at the present time is the design of the full screen on their phones, we mean that duty-free apartments or the front edge of the camera or perforated, as well as the lack of a camera popup, an objective that was reaffirmed from Samsung that they aim Les during the next phase, the media reported the South Korean company Samsung is working on “filling the screen is full”, which can be achieved through the camera’s build in screen is not visible, just like the fingerprint scanner in the screen.

You may hear that the screen will occupy 100% of the body of the phone, without relying on the camera to pop up, because the mechanism of the camera pop-up makes it more prone to, this is not the first time that we hear pushing Samsung to modify the camera mode on the screen.

Date version phones full screen

الشاشة الكاملة.. الهدف الذي تسعى له سامسونج خلال الفترة المقبلةFull screen.. the goal sought by Samsung in the coming period

Did not provide any information on material which may see the technology full screen on its phones, which means that it probably won’t happen before 2020 at the earliest, although if it was put forward that property this year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would be a candidate so obvious, but may not be a feature you want in the first version anyway, because it is unlikely to be perfect in the beginning, often the scanner of fingerprints existing in the screen is slower at present than the traditional ones, the However, besides flip phones waiting for lovers of mobile phones technology that the screen also.

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