Full story, how targeted the campaign of Russian propaganda on Facebook Americans caused a split before the 2016 election

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كيف استهدفت حملة الدعاية الروسية على فيسبوك الشعب الأمريكي وأحدثت انقسامًا بين المصوتين قبل انتخابات 2016؟

Did social media has become the secret weapon hit a target undetected? And has become a system that allows people to launch campaigns and political advertising without advertising funded by the source? And what are those groups which are involved in such a campaign? And how targeted the American people in the 2016 election? the

Raised these questions and other topics controversial research paper asked by the researcher ” Yong-mi Kim,” a professor of Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States in search of her new. Which split into two studies tried first addressed the question “Who’s behind the campaigns of political propaganda stunts of the controversial issues in the recent U.S. elections on the platform of Facebook?” Deals with the second study, “who is the target of this campaign was controversial, which brought about the split?”

Started researcher Yong-mi Kim study campaign political advertising in Facebook in August 2016-in the period in which Hillary Clinton’s popularity is higher than her rival – and no one had heard about the group of Russian propaganda, which bear the name of the Internet Research Agency “Agency of Internet research” the IRA are referred to in the Russian Internet as “trolls” “a Russian company engaged in secret over the internet for Russian interests”. But maybe it wasn’t the Facebook platform itself at the time aware of the manipulation that agency with the users of the product to influence the election and launch a campaign to support Russian. It was Kim’s goal, then, is the registration of how to measure “sets the dark water” under the guidance of election propaganda over the internet. “And dark in the United States are such huge money that you get non-profit organizations such as associations and foundations which receive contributions amounts of non-limited companies, individuals, and unions and spend the money to influence elections without disclosing donors not genuine”. Kim was of the view that such advertising regulation laws are the best in the case of advertising campaigns that appear on television. Didn’t know then they walk towards the crime scene.

During the year and a half the last two, changing completely the goal of the work of Kim and focus as a result of the successive discoveries about the trolls of Russian propaganda to influence the elections on Facebook. During her studies for six weeks in 2016, has been able to collect evidence on how the quest research agency Internet Russian and other groups suspicious to divide the electorate in the days preceding the election.

And now Kim the details of the findings in a research paper published once you politico the teen Political Communication.

Couldn’t the researchers find no trace, in the records of the federal or online, half of these groups 228 which is followed by Kim, who had bought Facebook ads driven by the addressed problems of political contention in the American people in this period of six weeks. According to the list of accounts provided by Facebook to the US Congress, the proven link one-sixth of the advertisers “hot complaint” agency research the Russian Internet. More than that, these advertisers are suspicious of targeted mainly voters in swing states such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. And the swing States are those States with the orientation of the oscillator in the U.S. elections and everyone knows who will the Republicans or the Democrats.

Expressed Kim amazed, saying: “the timing to some extent the effect sets the dark water and others with influence and well-known on digital platforms, but the extent to which the made situations was a lot worse than I thought”.

Groups questionable

So you can perform a search, I asked Kim of volunteers to install a special application to track ads on computers. She described Kim’s app that is similar to Programs close the ads, except that it sends the declaration to the servers, the research team instead of closing them. Formed the Kim group of volunteers by trying to audience voting in general in the United States in terms of division of their demographic, intellectual, and geographical. Ended to the formation of a group of 9519 individual, they saw the 5 million paid advertising on Facebook with respect to the issues of the election between the 28 September and 8 November 2016.

I took Kim a random sample consisting of 50 thousand the Declaration of this large group of ads, conducted research on any Ad touches one of the topics sensitive political following which was a controversial split before the election: abortion and problems of gay andpeace , migrants and ethnic terrorism, and scandals of the candidates (as a private email server of Hillary Clinton or scandal leaked tape recording of a conversation between Trump used television to one of the buses which talked about women in derogatory). After recruiting the support of the process launched by the candidates or political action committees affiliated Super PACs “which are products that support one of the candidates and to all contributions and not be included in the report provided by each candidate about the donations received by his campaign”, the researchers found themselves in front of the 228 individual selection. Returned Kim to the group main office from the 5 million ads each of those issues to look for all ads associated with those groups.

Generally, view groups that did not report the Federal Election Commission four times the advertisements presented by the groups that submitted reports.

It is worth mentioning that the Commissioner of the Federal election yet to impose rules on prospectus disclosure of political advertising over the internet and did not vote on the need to impose the requirements for detection only recently. This has allowed the prevalence of political advertising digital and including those advertising that stand behind research agency Internet Russian.

Revealed search Kim about that support that is not subject to the laws of the organization may form the majority of the advertising campaign on Facebook that talked about the issues of electoral contention on Facebook during the conduct of the study.

I took Kim on the shoulders of the interaction between the two groups that did not submit reports to the Election Commission the two groups of funds the dark and what’s the name of his Kim groups questionable. Noted Kim that these groups are suspicious was her pages on Facebook or other pages have been discontinued or is no longer active since election day. As these groups did not have before. little effect on the internet as it did not provide data to the tax authority the Inland Revenue, the American IRS “and competent to record income and taxes”. And: “some communities we can’t never keep track of them and know who they are”.

Recall that the American laws do not force lenders of funds dark to disclose donors, they must submit a report to taxes.

The inevitable involvement of the research agency of the internet in the scene

Among the 228 group of Troy the call of the political contentious issues, classified Kim 122 set on it’s suspicious. Benefited Kim revealed the intelligence Committee in the house of Representatives in November of 2017 for the conversion of Facebook to some of the propaganda launched by the research agency the Russian Internet to the Committee. I resisted Kim’s list launched by the Commission the list of their own, noted a correlation between the set of advertisers from among all six groups suspect she keeps track of her – and the research agency of the internet.

During the past few months, said Kim, she embarked on the study of this propaganda. And it was frustrating him. I found one ad shared by multiple groups from those of the suspect and the text: “at the time the die 300 thousand people from the veterans hoping to look for their institution of Veterans Affairs, the cost of our health care to illegal immigrants $ 1.1 billion annually.”

Swing States

Rose the second section of the search Kim to answer the question; the target of that propaganda which are not subject to regulations or laws –both called the financing funds dark or propaganda Russian? Kim found that voters in Pennsylvania and Virginia wins it states the same problems of ethnic are the most targeted. It has also been targeting the voters of the state of Wisconsin ad campaign dealing with the issue of licensing law the use of weapons by more than 72 per cent on average, and the targeting of voters with white skin declarations dealing with the spending of Migrants by 87 per cent of the total this type of advertising. “Any advertising that was according to the directions of the target audience”.

Recall that the swing States are always targeted more of the campaign as they mostly are the result of the election.

Leaving Kim to be the most laughable is that some of these groups it was possible to stop it – or even stop encouraged- if only there were stricter laws concerning the financing of advertising campaigns over the internet. For example, 25 per cent of all advertising on the message bearing the name Trump or Clinton explicitly (which was supposed to be prohibited by laws”. And if that publicity had appeared on TV during that period you it’s a different decoder will need to be declared, which says with the support of one of the candidates to disclose the source of funding for his campaign as well as you would have to disclose the source of funding of the Election Commission. Either online, everything is possible and permissible.

Says Kim: “I think the big problem here is the legal void of the lack of adequate laws dealing with the social media platform.”

Step on the right path

Launched Kim on the plans announced by Facebook recently to start requests for disclosure on all political advertising –including advertising campaigns based on specific issues: “it’s a step in the right direction”. They noted, however, there are some flaws in the plans of Facebook. And Facebook has said it will start in the claim of the owners of the Facebook ads of a political nature “political propaganda” as well as the officials of the mega deals on Facebook to prove their identity by providing the Mailing address and the model of identification issued by the government.

But Kim had noticed that a lot of the Facebook pages that I have addressed in her research wasn’t big at all, but were the pages of a small rise as the other small and all the same support of like-minded advertising campaign on Facebook. In one case, for example, has four separate pages of pages of supporting Trump “questionable” to post the same AD the following: “claimed the second amendment? Click on the “admiration” for the development of heller, not only of your peace” the declaration to the line of Hillary in the abolition of the second amendment to the Constitution which gives the right to carry personal weapons. Will focus the next stage of the research Kim about the analysis of this network “any strings of small transactions on Facebook that are associated with another and the same political propaganda”.

Although research Kim indicating the involvement of the research agency of the internet in it, along with the weakness of campaign Finance laws in the United States, unless they have been shown to be dangerous to another. While the campaign ads of the Agency a spirit of division, caught on the bad ads on Facebook, there were groups on Facebook of those actors used funds dark publish messages similar to advertising agency a Russian, and a lot of them. And they do so in a way, can not be described yet, but it’s unfortunately legal. Which begs the question serious about the political divide in the United States; what is the biggest threat to? The intervention of Russian or Americans themselves?

Full story, how targeted the campaign of Russian propaganda on Facebook Americans caused a split before the 2016 election

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