Funding for developers — one of the main problems of Bitcoin

Venture investor Davie van from Primitive Ventures believes adequate funding for developers of Bitcoin one of the main challenges of the ecosystem in 2019. That though as-that to help the cause, it has collected 50 BTC, or about 450 thousand dollars at the current exchange rate to support programmers.

In 2018, the expert van with a Pan Zibao created a non-profit organization Hard Core Fund. The money collected during the formation of the Fund, was paid by the efforts of developers Luke Dasha Jr. and Ben Musli. Due to arrival of new van donations can now support even more developers.

How to pay for the creation of Bitcoin

Vously told reporters Cointelegraph about how he collaborated with the Fund. Each month, Ben has created the progress report, including the code and the pool of requests at Github, and send them by e-mail to co-founders Hard Core Fund. After reviewing the report, the Fund had accrued Musli its share of the annual salaries in bitcoins.

Thanks to the new income Fund’s assets now the organization can support more talented programmers.

We have collected 50 bitcoins. Right at the moment, you can not believe there are less than 10 of developers who constantly improve the code of Bitcoin. We want to expand the number and pay them money.

Source: Bitcoinist

Note that the exact number of people working on the Bitcoin on a regular basis, is rather difficult to determine. Yes, Wang could join Chaincode Labs or Blockstream to invest in promising people. However, she went further and chose, according to Musli, “the independent” model for financing the development of Bitcoin.

We should avoid group think. Having different funding model to defend yourself from a biased perspective on the development of cryptocurrency.

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